Official Colors

The university seal can be reproduced either in one or two colors. Gold foil can be used as an option for the one-color seal. The two-color version should be printed in PMS 202 (crimson) and PMS 871 (gold), with the appropriate color breaks from the digital file. No other two-color versions are allowed without special permission from the Office of Creative Services.

When possible, the wordmark should be printed in black. However, it can be reproduced in any one solid (100%) dark color, as applicable to the design. It must not be broken down into two or more colors, nor should it be outlined, shaded, screened or modified in any way.

The Panther spirit logo can be reproduced in one, two or three colors. PMS 202 is the crimson color, PMS 121 is the sun gold color, and black completes the three-color approach.

In a two-color layout, using crimson and black, the “sun” may be printed as a 40% black to enhance the design, but save costs on running a third color of ink. At the discretion of the designer, PMS 424 can substitute for black or 40% black on two-color designs.

The Panther athletic logo can be reproduced in one or two colors: PMS 202 (crimson) and black. For the one-color approach, 40% black can be used in place of PMS 202.

Anyone needing additional technical specifications for these logos should contact the Office of Creative Services for assistance.


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Using the Logo on Fabric

When using the logo on fabric products such as banners, table skirts, T-shirts, uniform shirts and the like, the logo may need some modification. For guidance on how to use the logo on fabric, please call Creative Services at 321-674-8963.