Spirit Marks

Panther Spirit Logos

These less formal marks are used to communicate school spirit.

The Panther marks are friendly and casual, and should be used only when a bolder, more informal look is desired, particularly by student groups and alumni organizations. These marks should never be used in conjunction with the university signature or seal. The Office of Student Activities is the only unit authorized to use the Panther Spirit logo in place of the university signature in certain applications.

Use only an approved digital image of the logo. It is easily imported as a graphic into any publishing software. Do not attempt to recreate this mark (by scanning or redrawing) or substitute another.

The Panther logo is used to identify the following events/materials:

  • Student activities and student life events
  • Community-oriented projects

The logos feature the Panther, and either the words Florida Institute of Technology or Florida Tech. The selection of one version over another depends on the space available in the design.

These options may be used for Student, Community or Athletic publications and events.

Panther Logo
Panther Logo

Download the Panther Spirit Logo

Student-oriented materials include:

  • New student brochures
  • Returning student information
  • Campus-based events fliers
  • Soft goods (T-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Anything related to student activities or student life

Community visibility materials include:

  • Parking stickers
  • Truck decals
  • Community calendar
  • Community/university events
  • License plate
  • Embroidered apparel for colleges,
    departments or offices

PawThe freestanding Panther Paw is another approved spirit mark. It should be used sparingly, as a piece of art in informal or casual designs. The freestanding Panther Paw should not be used as a substitute for or compete with the university signatures.


PantherThe full Panther has been retired from use in any new items, with the exception of the gold lapel pins, which will continue to use this design.