Student Organization Graphics

Using Unofficial Graphics for Student Organizations/Events

All student organizations, unless identified below, are permitted to create and use their own unique graphic element to identify their group, provided the design does not violate the university’s Graphic Identity Policy. (See Using Official University Logos for Student Organizations/Events below).

These “Unofficial Graphics” produced by student organizations must follow the guidelines below, which offer flexibility when creating items typically designed by student organizations at Florida Tech.  For any questions surrounding permission to use an official graphic, please direct all inquiries to the Office of Marketing and Communications or visit the Visual Identity guide online.

  • Your organization name or graphic element may be used without the official logos, however affiliation with the university should be included by using the words “at Florida Tech” in block-style lettering (san serif like Helvetica or Arial) below or within the graphic.
    • Optional: The official wordmark for either Florida Institute of Technology, or Florida Tech, or the Panther Spirit logo may be used on an item like a T-shirt; however, it should appear completely separate from the student organization graphic. (Example: on a T-shirt, the student organization graphic would be the main image, while the official logo could appear on a shirt pocket or the sleeve).
    • Student organizations are not allowed to use the logos developed specifically for Athletics including the Primary Panther logo and the Secondary FIT logo on any type of materials.
    • A licensed vendor should always be used to produce any items with official logos. (Contact the Office of Business and Retail Operations for information about licensed vendors). Approval from the Office of Creative Services should be acquired prior to production of these items.
  • If student organizations use their own name or graphic element without the official logo, official colors are not required, but are recommended.
  • You may use a non-licensed supplier if the official logo is not included on the item. Please keep in mind that when referring to a location on campus, use the specific name of the location or refrain from using the name of the university if you are planning to use a non-licensed supplier.
  • Student organizations may use their own graphic element in the context of a website that meets the established Florida Tech web guidelines published at

Using Official University Logos for Student Organizations/Events

Student organizations previously approved to use official university logos on promotional products will need to follow the university’s Graphic Identity Policy. The currently approved groups are the Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Ambassadors. These are the only student organizations that may also order official university business cards.

Printed materials for these organizations should be produced by, or approved in advance by, the Office of Creative Services.

Promotional items like T-shirts or other items that might be offered as fundraiser items should seek approval prior to production from the Business and Retail Operations Office.

Please contact the Office of Creative Services at x8963 or if you need additional information.

Student Event Marks

To avoid being perceived as an official university logo, student event logos should represent their affiliation with the university by using the words “at Florida Tech” within, or directly below, the graphic design for the event.

The official wordmarks for either Florida Institute of Technology, or Florida Tech, may be used elsewhere on the item (on a sleeve of a t-shirt, for example).

Feb. 1, 2012