Trademarks, Licensing and Co-Branding

Trademark Information

The name, marks and image of Florida Institute of Technology cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the university. The university’s signature, seal and other marks are registered and protected by law.

Individuals and organizations outside the university who wish to use any of the official marks must first obtain written permission for use by contacting the Office of Marketing and Communications at 321-984-2974 or


A trademark licensing program gives the university control over its logos and marks, thus ensuring the quality and consistency of all uses and merchandise. Anyone wishing to use the signatures, logos and symbols of the university must first obtain written permission for use by contacting the Office of Business and Retail Operations at 321-674-7707.

A Note About Co-Branding

Co-branding occurs whenever any of the Florida Institute of Technology logos are used by authorized second parties in combination with their own logos or trademarks for the purpose of establishing a relationship between their organization and our campaign identities. This “sharing of the brand” can also occur when one or more departments on campus wish to place our logo with another organization’s logo.

In using our logos in co-branding any second-party materials, the same rules generally apply as shown elsewhere in this site as to correct proportions, colors, backgrounds, area of isolation around our logos and minimum size requirements. In all instances, materials should be approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to production. Users must follow the usage policy stated in this guide.