University Wordmark

The university wordmark is a unique typographic element used to consistently present the words "Florida Institute of Technology" and "Florida Tech" to a variety of audiences. The wordmark is the university's name crafted as a graphic element. It may be used on items both internal or external, which are not as formal as those items using the university signature. The wordmark should appear on all materials produced for external distribution that don't meet the criteria for using the university signature, seal or Panther logos.




Download the wordmark

Wordmark Details

Examples of when to use the university wordmark alone are:

  • Forms
  • Newspaper ads (where space is limited)
  • Memos
  • Soft goods (shirts, hats, etc.)
  • The wordmark can also appear in return address blocks (if the university signature isn't used).

The following basic guidelines apply:

  • The university wordmark need not be the dominant element on the page, but the name of the university should appear prominently.
  • The two-line university wordmark should not appear smaller than 1-1/4 inches in length.
  • The one-line version of the university wordmark should not appear smaller than 2 inches in length.
  • Use the university wordmark in an area in which other type is not touching it or superimposed on it.
  • The wordmark must not be placed close to or over distracting design elements and must not become part of a larger pattern or design element.
  • In cases in which the university or one of its representatives works in consortium or partnership with an outside entity or entities that desire to be named on stationery or business cards, the university wordmark may be printed with the partner agency’s or institution’s official symbol or logo. Neither entity should appear more prominent than the other. No other Florida Tech logo, symbol or other identifying mark(s) should be used in this manner.

The university wordmark may be printed in any solid (100%) color to coordinate with the design of a single color publication. It should not be printed in more than one color, but may be printed in reverse as long as it is printed wholly in reversed form.

The university signature is easily imported as a graphic into any publishing software. Do not attempt to recreate this mark (by scanning, redrawing or typing) or substitute another. The signature can be downloaded from official artwork available at