Visual Identity

In many ways, the visual identity of Florida Institute of Technology is one of the university’s most valuable possessions. A recognizable visual identity distinguishes Florida Tech from other institutions and establishes who we are to the world and what qualities our institution represents.

A University Graphic Identity Policy has been developed to ensure a consistently recognizable presentation of Florida Tech’s graphic identity in internal and external communications. External audiences include the general public, the media and any groups to whom the university needs to communicate. Internal audiences include faculty members, staff and students who may be recipients of printed materials or who may access information hosted on the university’s website.

For the purposes of this policy, the Graphic Identity Program applies to all visual representations of the university—printed and electronic materials, signs, video productions, exhibit materials, vehicles, apparel, merchandising, promotional items and any other use where the identity of the university is represented, whether produced internally or by an outside vendor.

This Graphic Identity Program must be used and upheld by all departments, offices and/or individuals working to communicate on behalf of the university, including all off-campus and affiliated units. The Office of Creative Services, in conjunction with the Office of Marketing and Communications, oversees implementation of this policy.