Logos, Templates and Multimedia Overview

We have all heard the more things change, the more they stay the same. As evidence, back in 1993, Florida Tech’s then-president, Lynn E. Weaver, explained the importance of a strong visual identity:

“Because most of our contacts occur in written form, the manner in which we present ourselves graphically has a significant impact on how we are perceived by our many publics.”

This continues to hold true today. Particularly, when you consider our recruitment efforts are focused on high school seniors, who often wear logo clothing and have a sophisticated understanding of brand differentiation.

In order to bring Florida Institute of Technology into further prominence among our various audiences, potential students, alumni, faculty, educational organizations, friends, corporate partners, the media and the general public, we have made it a priority to continually monitor and evolve the style and presentation of our communication vehicles.

Identifiers such as signature marks, logos, signature colors, type fonts and writing style are key to promoting a clear and consistent image of our institution. Toward that end, we have implemented strategic changes, the most noticeable being the increased visibility of our official seal. Since 1965 it has represented our university and remains the most consistent visual symbol associated with Florida Tech. With a legacy all its own, it speaks to our tradition, continuity and quality. For these reasons, the seal is our official signature mark.

The detailed guidelines for using the other visual representations of our institution—the seal, the wordmark and the panther—are featured on this site. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it, and refer to it for your communication pieces.

Your assistance in helping us maintain these is appreciated. Should you have any questions or wish additional information, please contact the university’s Office of Creative Services.