Event Promotion

So you’re throwing an event and you need to get the word out. What should you do?

First of all, make sure to plan ahead! In order to promote your event effectively, allow at least two weeks for internal audiences and one month for external audiences. We cannot stress this point enough!

Internal Event (Only for Florida Tech students, faculty and/or staff)

1. Add event to campus calendar

When reserving a room on campus for your event, you will automatically be prompted to give information for the campus calendar. If the event is off campus, you must submit information to the calendar. You can do so here.

2. Create a flier and post it around campus

Postering can be a cheap way to share information around campus. Creative Services is available to create a flier for you, but please allow at least 5-10 business days for completion. To submit a request, go here.

3. Post to FITForum and/or FacForum

Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted forum message. For more information on how to subscribe and post to these resources, click below:

FITForum | FacForum

4. Take out an ad in The Crimson*

The Crimson is a student-run newspaper that is distributed around campus on a monthly basis. If your event centers on student involvement, this is a great opportunity to inform your target audience about it. For more information, please email the paper at crimson@fit.edu.

5. Social media campaign

If your department or unit has a social media page, post a few updates/photos to build anticipation and excitement. For social media tips and best practices, visit our social media page.

6. Set up a table on campus

Tell people about your event the old-fashioned way: in person. Grab a small group of students or other colleagues and share fliers and other information via a table in high-trafficked areas (eg. The SUB, Panther Dining, Olin buildings, etc).

7. Offer an incentive at event*

Free food goes a long way to an attendee. And small giveaways or raffles for a big prize.


External Event (Community is invited)

1. Send out press release

Our Communications team can put together a press release for your event and send it off the media, in addition to adding to the Florida Tech website. Email your details to News Bureau Chief Adam Lowenstein to get started: adam@fit.edu.

2. Community calendars

Get your event on all the local calendars. Here’s a list of them:

3. WFIT radio spots

WFIT is a fantastic forum to share your event with its large listening audience. There are many options to spread the word including campus interviews and advertising sound bites. Contact WFIT General Manager Terri Wright for more details: twright@fit.edu. 

4. Print and web advertising*

If you have a budget for your event, consider doing some print or digital advertising with local outlets. 

5. Reach out to local community groups

This is the time to get creative! Holding a writing workshop? Research writing groups in the area and contact them. How about an engineering lecture? Make a list of local engineering companies and enthusiast groups and spread the word.

6. Poster around town

Grab your posters or fliers and get them on the doors to local establishments.

7. Create and send out an E-blast

If you have a list of people’s emails^, an E-blast is a great way to market your event. Web Services can help you design your email and send it out. Submit a request here.^

^If you do not have a contact list, it’s important to build one. Capture those attendee emails to continue to market to them for future events. Your best customers are repeat customers.

8. Offer an incentive at the event*

Everyone loves a freebie whether it’s food or a small object.



*requires a budget