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Helping You to Maximize Your Website for the Search Engines

If you are thinking of adding new pages to your website, revising your existing pages or creating a whole new website, you will want to make sure you are using best practices. Please let University Marketing know of your need. We can help you in three main areas.

1. We can help you create interesting content for your audience.

Creating interesting content that your audience (prospective students, etc.) will find compelling is the best thing you can do to improve the chances of your Web page being found by the search engines. Each page you create on your site is another chance to rank high on the search engines for a keyword that applies to your website. In addition, every Web page on your site can bring visits from other sources like Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Here are some new page ideas that we can help you add to your site:

  • About – Create an overview page that explains the mission of your department.
  • Programs/Services – Create a new page for each program or service that your department offers; don’t just lump them all into one page. This is a great opportunity to maximize your pages, always remembering that you will have to keep them updated.
  • Outcomes – Create a new page for the different careers a degree from your department will deliver.
  • Library – Create a page with links to downloadable content (white papers, e-books) that will help prospective students maximize their knowledge about the subject matter in your department.
  • Student Testimonials – Create a page for student quotes or case studies. Nothing is more compelling to a prospective student than to read, or watch, a testimonial from a successful current student.
  • Faculty – Create a separate Web page for each faculty member with a quality photo, a bio, research, as well as social media links so prospective students can connect with them.
  • Contact – Create a form where prospective students can ask you a question.

2. We can help you be seen by the search engines in 5 steps.

  • Help you choose keywords for your pages. We start by working together in selecting keyword phrases that are relevant to the content of your pages.
  • Help you write a minimum of 200 words of content. Search engines are looking to see that your website is an “authority” on the keyword phrase you are writing about. We will help direct you how to write a page that shows the search engines that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Help you optimize the top elements of your page. To ensure that the search engines will have no doubt what your page is about, marketing will follow best practice guidelines for including your keyword phrase in all the appropriate locations on your page.
  • Help you ensure search engines use the right description of your page. Together, we will also make sure Google and all the other search engines are delivering a meaningful description of your website in their results.
  • Help you make sure the search engines know what your page is about. We will help you write the appropriate amount of content, with strategic placement of your keyword phrases, so that all the search engines can determine what your page is about.

3. We can help you participate in the Florida Tech Blog.

Adding a department column to the Florida Tech Blog is an easy way to add fresh content on a regular basis. Your blog is like an investment as it will continue to promote your department over time as it will continue generating traffic to your website for years to come.

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