News Conferences and News Releases

News Conference Guidelines

News conferences are held infrequently at Florida Tech. This is because the area media market is relatively small. There is only one daily—Florida Today—no local TV, except for stringers or solitary reporters sent by the Orlando stations, and local radio stations do not send out news reporters. If you think your event/news requires a news conference, contact Marketing & Communications for discussion.

For more guidance on news conferences, call Marketing & Communications at (321) 674-8548.                                                                     

Help with News Releases   

The communications office creates all campus news releases, posts them in the electronic Newsroom and distributes them to appropriate media outlets. For examples, see the latest news releases at

If you have information about an event, award, honor or some other kind of news of interest to the world beyond the campus, you may initiate a news release by filling out a request form for News/Media Relations at You may also initiate a request by drafting your release, including all necessary information such as: who, what, when, where, cost (if any) and who to contact for more information. Send your draft directly to University News Bureau Chief Adam Lowenstein at If you have questions beforehand and want to discuss a news release first, just call him at (321) 674-8964.

Some examples of when a news release is a useful vehicle: 

  • High-impact research appearing in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Significant grant awards, gifts, major internships, fellowships  
  • National awards or professional distinction
  • Major appointments, including executive administration, major chairs
  • Educational, charitable and entertainment opportunities for the general public
  • On-campus events open to the public or members of the media