Tuition Assistance

You may be eligible to receive 100% federal Tuition Assistance from military service, subject to a $250 cap per semester hour, a $4,500 annual limit or other aditional limits that your branch of service may impose due to annual budget considerations.  To obtain Tuition Assistance, you need to visit your installation’s education office for college counseling and develop an education plan.  From that point, you can submit a military Tuition Assistance request.

TA is not a loan, but a benefit you have earned for your service.  You may also want to determine if using VA benefits in combination with TA is worth pursuing based on your individual goals and family considerations.  To learn more see Tuition Assistance Top Up.

For more information about your branch of service’s TA program, choose your branch below.

TA Coordinator Melbourne Campus:

Melbourne Campus or (321) 674-8947 or (321) 674-8304

TA Coordinator Florida Tech Online (8-week terms):

Certifying Official or (321) 674-8204

TA Coordinator Virtual Campus – Department of Extended Studies:

Virtual Campus or (888) 225-2239

TA Coordinator Nathan M. Bisk College of Business – Department of Extended Studies:

Select a contact from the listed site locations: Extended Studies