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A graduate degree can make the critical difference in a person's promotion for key management jobs, begining a second career, or to improve on a present position. Now is the time to remain competitive in the business world.

Programs offered in Orlando include master of science degrees in acquisition and contract management, computer information systems, engineering management, human resources management, operations management, project management, quality management, systems management and more. View the complete list of graduate programs offered in Orlando.

Looking for the Orlando ABA or ABA Online?

Separate from FIT Orlando, Florida Tech's School of Applied Behavior Analysis offers an M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis in Orlando and an ABA Online / Hybrid master's program. Students interested in learning more about these programs should visit the School of Applied Behavior Analysis or submit a request for more information directly. 


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Instant Decision Day

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Kenneth W. Richards

Quality Management, M.S.

"The faculty and administration at Florida Tech really care about educating students. As far as why I chose this Florida Tech program I am currently employed at Lockheed Martin as a quality engineer and wanted to become more empowered to become a better quality engineer. If I could give someone any one bit of advice about seeking a master’s degree, I say go for it."