FIT Orlando

Keeping pace with change

In today’s fast-moving, technology-driven global economy, the burden falls on the working professional to keep up with the constant change to remain competitively marketable and employable, and to pursue career promotions and opportunities for growth and advancement.

 Education is the currency of the 21st century. It is the key to enhancing the professionals’ current job performance, to improving their abilities to meet the demands of new and future-oriented positions, and to increasing their firms’ capabilities to achieve organizational goals and business objectives. Professionals without a Master’s Degree in today’s cutting-edge environment are at a competitive disadvantage, as they face the glass ceiling challenge, the invisible barrier that limits their upward mobility in the corporate world.

 Florida Institute of Technology is a Tier One, not-for-profit, SACS-accredited research university with a reputation for academic excellence and a solid heritage of offering rigorous degree programs in various disciplines. Our curricula are taught by terminally-degreed, scholarly-practitioner faculty who deliver a blend of theory and practice, focus on application-based research in their fields, and practice what they preach in the classroom. Our faculty focus on a foundation of excellence in teaching that develops analytical skills, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and sound judgment while embracing the principles of ethics and social responsibility.

Our model “High Tech with a Human Touch”, reflected in the personal connection between faculty, staff, and students, differentiates us in the learning experience, in the academic setting, and in the individualized attention given to our students. Our graduates and alumni have distinguished careers ranging from astronauts and scientists to four-star generals and great leaders on Wall Street.

Florida Institute of Technology in Orlando is designed to deliver education to the traditional student and the adult learner by offering 18 graduate degree options through face-to-face evening classes in our Baldwin Park campus and the Lockheed Martin location on Sand Lake Road. An undergraduate completion program in Logistics Management is also offered at Valencia’s Lake Nona campus. In addition, convenient distance learning courses are also offered through our online virtual campus.

For the working professional with a busy schedule, program flexibility and convenience are crucial to graduation. Our programs can be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis, and each course meets on campus once a week to minimize logistics. We also offer free tuition deferment for those with employer reimbursement benefits, in which the tuition is due after the completion of the course.

I invite you to visit our campus, or call us to schedule an in-person or telephone academic advising appointment to learn more about our program offerings and the specific undergraduate or Master’s Degree that places your career on a fast track.

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and administrators, I proudly welcome you to Florida Tech.

Dr. Nick Daher
Associate Professor, College of Business
Director, FIT Orlando
2420 Lakemont Avenue, Suite 190
Orlando, FL 32814