Exceptional Supervisor Certificate

Exceptional Supervisor Certificate Program

Obtain your Exceptional Supervisor certificate by attending a minimum of five workshop courses over a three-month period. The initial workshop will focus on the fundamentals of being a manager or supervisor in the 21st century. Following that workshop, you will work one-on-one with the instructor on your personalized needs assessment which will determine what four remaining workshops will benefit your career the most.

What makes the program unique compared to other management seminars or training services?

In contrast to our competitors, we offer:

  1. Personalized coaching with the support of thought-leaders and industry experts
  2. An individualized 90-day shaping plan and program workbook
  3. B.Y.O.E (bring your own examples) instructional design—receive feedback specific to the context of your job
  4. Tools and tips needed for implementing behavior change techniques to improve employee performance and one’s own performance in the workplace
  5. Variable training—attend the workshops that best suit your individual needs, or attend all ten for program mastery
  6. Broad, sweeping content that can be applied to various modern work settings
  7. A completion certificate from an accredited university

Skills you will obtain during these concentrated workshops and tailored coaching sessions can and should apply directly to your daily responsibilities in your profession.

  • Personal coaching with instructors
  • Short, concise courses
  • Practical skills
  • Skills that can be utilized on the job
  • Opportunities for networking
Workshops   Topics Covered

The 21st Century Supervisor

Needs Assessment

The basics of how leaders behave, developing an action plan for you and your continuing professional development, shaping plan with goals and milestones to achieve in first 90 days, new competencies of being a leader. After the workshop, meet with the instructor for one-on-one coaching and review of  your needs assessment to select which of the next workshops would be most beneficial.

Communicating with Purpose


Verbal behavior, feedback, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, professionalism and how to conduct an interview of a potential employee

Mastering Delegation


Pinpointing expectations, goal setting to enable success and reinforcement (follow through)

From Correcting to Engaging


Correcting problem behavior, reinforcement, performance improvement plans

Managing Time
(So It Doesn't Manage You)


Self-management, goal setting, making meetings work for you, key principles of effective time management

Everyday Project Management


Defining goals, objectives, deliverables, and roles and responsibilities; reinforcement, catching people doing things right, teamwork

Bridging the Generational Divide


Defining behavioral characteristics of the generations who work for you and with you, reinforcement preference assessments, defining expectations versus needs/wants, evaluating differences versus business needs/wants

Developing Your People for Success and Growth


Coaching and mentoring, professional development planning

Embracing and Encouraging Change


Employee engagement, business case for change, measuring success

The Art and Science of Decision Making


Using data to make decisions