International Association of Innovation Professionals

(IAOIP) certified innovation professionals are equipped with the appropriate tools to make a strategic difference by becoming an active participant in innovation teams at all levels of their organization through knowledge exchange, research, conferences, training, and publications.

The new IAOIP certificate program includes three continuing education courses:

Certified Professional Innovator Certification Review
The course will cover each section of the Foundation Level exam.
Design Thinking-Practitioner Level Certification Review
The course will cover each section of the Design Thinking exam.
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Management of Innovation Certification Review
The course will cover each section of the Management of Innovation exam.


Landry, Dana J.


Dana J. Landry, Ph.D. recently concluded a 37 year corporate career in medical device design and manufacturing. He held positions in manufacturing, quality and for the last 20 years of in research and product development. He holds a B.S., M.S., M.B.A., and a Ph.D. with a specialty in leadership studies. He has held certification as a new product development professional, certified quality engineer and certified reliability engineer. Dr. Landry has served on the advisory board of La. Tech University Biomedical Engineering Department, served on the editorial review board for Quality Progress and as chairman of the IEEE Denver chapter of Engineers in Medicine and Biology. In 2013 he was elected Distinguished Alumni in Biomedical Engineering by La Tech University. He is currently an adjunct professor at NYU in the Management of Technology program. Dr. Landry is a founding member of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) where he leads the effort to create professional certifications in the science of innovation.

Morris, Langdon

Since 2001, Langdon Morris has led the innovation consulting practice of InnovationLabs LLC, where he is a senior partner and co-founder. His work focuses on developing and applying advanced methods in innovation and strategy to solve complex problems with very high levels of creativity.

He is recognized as one the world’s leading thinkers and consultants on innovation, and his original and ground-breaking work has been adopted by corporations and universities on every continent to help them improve their innovation processes and the results they achieve.

His breakthrough white paper, Business Model Warfare, is a landmark in the field and is used as a standard reference at universities and corporations worldwide. His book Fourth Generation R&D, coauthored with William L. Miller, is considered a classic in the field of R&D management, and his more recent works Agile Innovation, The Innovation Master Plan and Permanent Innovation are recognized as three of the leading innovation books of the last five years.

He is formerly Senior Practice Scholar at the Ackoff Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

He has taught MBA courses in innovation and strategy at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France) and Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina) and has lectured at universities on four continents, including Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers (France), University of Colorado, University of North Carolina, and Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), University of Nairobi, and Shanghai Jao Tong University (China).


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