Many of us think of popular television shows or movies when we consider the investigative process. Detectives solve complex cases in 60 minutes after the smoking gun evidence is discovered at the last minute—sealing the fate of the weekly bad guy. In reality, the investigative process is a tool used by managers to resolve a negative issue in the workplace. These issues could range from misuse of a company credit card or expense account to a threat of violence or a concerning statement which must be immediately addressed. Investigations can be as simple as one or two interviews and a review of records by a manager; however, they can at times be complex and critical to business continuity. During these more significant events in the life of a company, a trained investigator may be required to conduct a more extensive investigation.

This course will provide first-line managers, supervisors, security professionals or human resources professionals with tools and points to consider as they embark on the investigative journey. This course will also provide the dos and don’ts of documentation. There is a saying that if something isn’t memorialized in writing, then it didn’t happen. This course will assist the learner with investigative steps to include preparation of the report which brings the investigation to a conclusion. This course is ideal for managers, human resources or security professionals.

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Wendy Evans

Wendy Evans, owner of Security Impact Group, LLC, and corporate ethics investigator for Lockheed Martin, graduated in 1987 from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast News/Public Affairs and Government Studies.