Physics Minor

Main Campus - Melbourne
2017-2018 Catalog
Minor Code: 6101 Degree Awarded: None
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (19-21 credit hours)
  • PHY 1001 Physics 1
    Credit Hours: 4
    Includes vectors; mechanics of particles; Newton's laws of motion; work, energy and power; impulse and momentum; conservation laws; mechanics of rigid bodies, rotation, equilibrium; fluids, heat and thermodynamics; and periodic motion.
  • PHY 2002 Physics 2
    Credit Hours: 4
    Includes electricity and magnetism, Coulomb's law, electric fields, potential capacitance, resistance, DC circuits, magnetic fields, fields due to currents, induction, magnetic properties; and wave motion, vibration and sound, interference and diffraction.
  • PHY 2091 Physics Laboratory 1
    Credit Hours: 1
    Experiments to elucidate concepts and relationships presented in , to develop understanding of the inductive approach and the significance of a physical measurement, and to provide some practice in experimental techniques and methods.
  • PHY 2092 Physics Laboratory 2
    Credit Hours: 1
    Continues . Includes experiments pertaining to .
  • Restricted Electives*

*9-11 credit hours of PHY courses are required to complete the physics minor. A list of restricted elective courses of either three or four credit hours each is available from the department. Independent study, seminar and directed research courses may not be used to fulfill requirements for the minor. No more than nine credit hours applied to the minor may be named courses in the major program.