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Main Campus - Melbourne
2018-2019 Florida Tech Catalog
Minor Code: 6112 Degree Awarded: None
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (21 credit hours)
  • AVS 1201 Aviation Meteorology
    Credit Hours: 3

    Initial course in meteorology for flight students and aviation professionals. Includes meteorological codes, charts and aviation bulletins, and identification of potentially hazardous in-flight weather conditions. Also addresses atmospheric circulation, stability, convection, moisture, air masses and fronts.

  • AVS 2101 Aviation Physical Science
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces the basic principles of physics directly applicable to aviation including properties of matter, mechanics, vibration, wave motion, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism and optics.


    MTH 1000 or MTH 1001 or MTH 1010, or (MTH 1011 and MTH 1012)

  • AVT 1001 Aeronautics 1
    Credit Hours: 3

    Provides basic aeronautics instruction for all students. Prepares flight students for the FAA private pilot written examination. Includes aircraft components, basic aerodynamics, airports, air traffic control, airspace, regulations, performance, weight and balance, aeromedical factors, aviation weather and air navigation.

  • AVT 2201 National Airspace System
    Credit Hours: 3

    Studies intensively the National Airspace System including its political, geographical and operational structures. Covers ATC responsibilities, airfield operations and special-use airspace management.


    AVM 1000 or AVT 1001 

  • AVT 3203 Air Traffic Control 1
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces Air Traffic Control (ATC) and its use of NAVAIDS and airspace to effect positive separation and control of IFR aircraft.


    AVT 2001 or AVT 2201 

  • AVT 4301 Aviation Safety
    Credit Hours: 3

    Explores the historical roots of modern safety organizations and the safety responsibilities and operations of the FAA and the NTSB. Closely examines aviation safety planning, icing and human-centered accidents.

  • AVT 4302 Air Traffic Control 2
    Credit Hours: 3

    Provides an air traffic control capstone experience. Reviews all FAA air traffic control behavioral objectives/academic standards for Initial Qualification Training-Air Traffic Basics. Culminates with a comprehensive AT-basics knowledge test.


    AVT 3203