Aviation Management Minor

Main Campus - Melbourne
2018-2019 Florida Tech Catalog
Minor Code: 6114 Degree Awarded: None
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (21 credit hours)

The aviation management minor is recommended for business majors.

  • AVM 3201 Aviation Planning
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces the student to the requirements, issues and processes involved in aviation planning. Includes in-depth study of the sources of aviation data, forecasting methods, the airport master planning process and environmental issues and requirements.

  • AVM 4302 Aviation Law
    Credit Hours: 3

    Overviews the fundamentals of aviation law. Emphasizes factors guiding operational decision making by aviation managers and professional pilots to minimize exposure to legal liability.

  • AVM 4501 Air Transportation Management
    Credit Hours: 3

    Surveys the development of the air transportation system leading to the modern organization and functions of airlines and general aviation business. Studies the route structure, scheduling, pricing and fleet selection strategies in the solution of typical operational problems.

  • BUS 3501 Management Principles
    Credit Hours: 3

    Helps students acquire management knowledge and develop management skills. Enables the student to understand management as it relates to both the employer and employee, and acquaints the student with the various schools of management and the philosophy of management.

  • BUS 3601 Marketing Principles
    Credit Hours: 3

    Examines the principles of marketing. Emphasizes the marketing concept, functions, consumer behavior, market segmentation, marketing strategy, marketing mixes, market research, marketing legislation and marketing control, as well as providing a foundation for higher-level courses in marketing.

  • Restricted Elective (Aviation)
Select one course:
  • AVM 2401 Aviation Fiscal Management
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces basic financial management principles in an aviation industry context. Topics include financial document analysis, forecasting, financing, asset management and mergers. Uses spreadsheet, presentation, word processing and Internet search software tools to prepare and analyze financial reports and solve financial problems.

  • A corporate finance course