Athletics Coaching Minor

Main Campus - Melbourne
2017-2018 Catalog
Minor Code: 6125 Degree Awarded: None
Delivery Mode(s): See Department Age Restriction: No
Admission Status: Undergraduate Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne
Curriculum (18 credit hours)

Some transfer credit restrictions apply to physical education (PED) courses. See the department for current information.

  • EDS 1502 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
    Credit Hours: 1

    Acts as the first step in exploring teaching in science or mathematics. Provides early field experience in teaching. Introduces the theory and practice necessary to design and deliver instruction. Requires student to teach at the elementary level in local public school and student teams to present lessons to grades three to five.

  • EDS 1503 Inquiry-Based Lesson Design
    Credit Hours: 1

    Acts as second step in exploring teaching in science or mathematics. Covers the middle school environment. Includes inquiry-based lesson analysis, design and assessment. Requires students to be assigned according to interest to a middle school mentor teacher. Includes observation and teaching three quest inquiry-based lessons as part of student team.


    EDS 1502

  • EDS 2502 Knowing and Learning Mathematics and Science
    or PSY 2446 Sport Psychology 
    Credit Hours: 3

    Focuses on science and mathematics as understood from multidisciplinary perspectives. Includes memory and structure of knowledge, problem solving and reasoning, early foundations of learning, regulatory processes and symbolic thinking. Also includes construction of models of knowing and learning that guide classroom practice.


    EDS 1502

    Co- or prerequisite course or program chair approval
  • ISC 1162 Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Credit Hours: 3

    Surveys the structure and function of the human body. Emphasizes the human body as an integrated system. Includes basic principles and concepts related to the structure of biological molecules, cells, tissues and organs, and the systems of the human body. Also includes in-class practicum and online components as part of the course. Not recommended for students interested in health professions.

  • PED 2160 Coaching Theory
    Credit Hours: 3

    Introduces the theory and applied practice of athletics coaching for prospective athletics coaches and physical education teachers. Identifies characteristics and motivations associated with athletes, components of character development, and the risk and effects of drug use, especially performance enhancing drugs.

  • PED 2161 Care and Prevention of Athletics Injuries
    Credit Hours: 3

    Studies the procedures involved in the prevention of athletics injuries. Includes the effects and dangers of drug use, especially as they relate to performance enhancing drugs. Focuses on the coach's role in limiting the potential for injury. Emphasizes the recognition, care and treatment of injuries. Requires completion of CPR certification.

  • PED 3160 Theory and Practice of Coaching Basketball
    or PED 3161 Theory and Practice of Coaching Soccer 
    Credit Hours: 2

    Prepares future basketball coaches with the knowledge, techniques and skills required to be successful. Emphasizes the development of proper training programs and specific game strategy. Includes the history of the game of basketball and the development and implementation of designed plays.


    PED 2160

Select two of the following:
  • PED 1046 Introduction to Weightlifting
    Credit Hours: 1

    Provides a source of information about safe and reliable habits of weight training to help the student plan a personalized fitness program.

  • PED 1060 Introduction to Tennis
    Credit Hours: 1

    Develops basic tennis skills. Includes performance and the application of basic skills, rules and etiquette.

  • PED 1070 Introduction to Team Sports
    Credit Hours: 1

    Introduces the history, basic skill techniques, rules, terminology and participation in team sports. Includes volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, flag football, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee. Also focuses on the five components of health-related fitness.

  • PED 1080 Introduction to Golf
    Credit Hours: 1

    Designed for beginning golfers. Teaches the fundamentals of golf. Emphasizes stance, swing and grip of the various clubs (wood, iron and putters). Also studies rules, strategy and scoring.

  • PED 1160 Intercollegiate Athletics
    Credit Hours: 1

    Meets the breadth requirement for participants in any approved intercollegiate varsity team sport. Requires participation as athlete or athletics trainer for a full season of the sport. Also requires a sports journal and completion of the Intercollegiate Athletics Participation form (IAP).

    Should be taken during semester covering end of season.

*Requires participation in varsity sports team (athlete or athletics trainer).