Ask a Panther Pro: Genetics

Why is genetics so important? Listen to Dr. Carroll, associate professor from the Biological Sciences Department, who has all of the answers!

Research: Snake Pit

Florida Tech snake researchFlorida Tech studies the images of the thermal environment in the brains of pit vipers, pythons and boas, similar to the vision that occurs in the human brain!

Check out this research and more at Florida Tech's Research Portal!

Understanding the World

Paleo Lab

Florida Tech's Paleo Ecology Research consists of studying the impact of climatic change on plant communities in tropical Central and South America!

Biology Internships and Research

Biology research and internships let you gain valuable experience in the study of genetic diseases.

Biology internships are an exciting and hands-on way for Florida Tech students to gain experience in the workplace while still completing their degree. These valuable learning opportunities build skills and a highly competitive resume that equips you for future biology internships or jobs. Some of the companies include:

  • American Museum of Natural Science
  • Andean Biodiversity Consortium
  • Baltimore Aquarium
  • Brevard Zoo
  • EPCOT Center
  • Sea World Florida
  • National Park Service
  • Shedd Aquarium

Through biology internships at these and other organizations, Florida Tech biology students make connections that help them obtain employment after college.


Biology students take part in research both during and outside of classes. Students can expect to take part in hands-on research in many of Florida's natural environments, including mangroves, seagrass and salt marshes, sand and mud flats, lagoons, reefs and the Atlantic Ocean.

Students may also be invited to join faculty research teams, where they can work alongside experienced professors to conduct original research, or volunteer in research labs where they work with faculty, graduate students and fellow undergraduates on comprehensive research projects in aquaculture, molecular biology, ecology, marine biology and biochemistry. Current areas of interest include:

  • Paleoecology
  • Reef ecosystems
  • Sportfish population cultivation and conservation
  • Marine birds, fish and invertebrates
  • DNA analysis and chromosome replication
  • Plant molecular biology

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Biology Degree

Tri-Beta is a biological honor society that teaches students from all disciplines about biology and its importance, and recognizes students for outstanding academic achievements. This active group holds events such as guest lectures, as well as social events such as BBQs, fishing outings and more. Membership is the perfect way to network with other biological sciences students to learn about biology internships, research students and hands-on activities.