Cool Stuff: Aquaculture Labs

Florida Tech Aquaculture Labs

Aquaculture is just one of seven great biological sciences majors from which students may choose. What better place to study it than at a university that is ten minutes from a river and just 15 minutes from the ocean?

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Laboratories Galore!

Laboratories Galore

Florida Tech not only has a 2,500 square feet aquaculture laboratory on campus, but also has facilities throughout the community to support all biology programs! Check them all out!

Hands-on Aquaculture Research Experience Prepares You for the Future

Aquaculture internships, in areas like marine farming, prepare you for an exciting career in aquaculture.

Working in research labs alongside university faculty, you build valuable skills and a highly competitive resume to equip you for future aquaculture jobs. You also have an opportunity to get involved in the industry as students are often invited to present their research at regional and national professional meetings, or get published in research journals.

Internship activities range from hands-on experiences with marine life, comprehensive research on topics in aquaculture and marine habitats in close proximity to the university campus, creating a wide variety of experiences available for Florida Tech students looking to better prepare for aquaculture jobs. Our students have been recruited for and completed internships at many prestigious and widely recognized organizations including:

  • American Museum of Natural Science
  • Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
  • Brevard Zoo
  • EPCOT Center
  • Florida Medical Entomology Lab
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
  • SeaWorld

Through training and skills garnered from these opportunities, our students graduate with the confidence of knowing they have the experience necessary to take on aquaculture jobs in the field.

Work with Faculty and Organizations on Aquaculture Research

A plethora of research facilities both on and off campus allow our students to conduct in-depth research alongside faculty on many topics in aquaculture. This experience is a valuable part of a student's portfolio when searching for aquaculture jobs. Some of the subjects you can expect to study and research include:

  • Marine ornamental species culture technology
  • Marine fish larvae culture
  • Dynamics of juvenile tarpon
  • The role of artificial reefs as habitats for sport fish species
  • Conservation of marine organisms
  • More efficient "fish farming"
  • Higher quality aquaculture technology
  • The use of the Indian River Lagoon as a fish nursery

By delving into research on these and many other topics, Florida Tech students gain valuable experience they can use in future aquaculture jobs.

Be Part of Clubs and Organizations in Your Field

Tri-Beta is a national biology honor society that aims to educate people on the importance of studying the biological sciences. This student organization takes part in a wide variety of activities and connects you to other aquaculture students. Being part of a national society can also provide leads on available aquaculture jobs. Recent "field trips" have included camping and hiking trips and a tour of NASA. Tri-Beta also sponsors picnics and banquets to bring together faculty, staff and students.