Bertha's Blues

Check out Florida Tech's original Biological Sciences Film featuring Bertha the fish!

The Fish Whisperer

Ralph TuringanDr. Ralph Turingan uses his experience in exploring estuary and lagoon fish populations to work with his students to investigate the morphological and physiological coping mechanisms fish use to adapt to the environment!

Learn more about Dr. Turingan in his Florida Tech Faculty Profile.

Video: Feels Like Florida Tech

If you're interested in going to Florida Tech, you'll want to watch our new video to see just what it "feels like".

Top 150 U.S. University

Florida Institute of Technology is one of the top 150 universities in the United States, according to a new ranking from Times Higher Education, the respected London-based provider of data and analytics on higher education.

Study at the Aquaculture School that Started it All

Study Marine Aquaculture and Fish Agriculture at the Country's First Aquaculture School

In 1977 Florida Tech established the first undergraduate aquaculture program in the country and it remains one of just a few colleges offering B.S. degree programs. Students have an opportunity for undergraduate research and may apply for internships with university partners.

Florida Tech is an ideal location for students seeking an aquaculture university to prepare for a career. Diverse and vast natural resources such as the estuarine habitats of the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean marine ecosystem, marshes and wetlands surround the campus providing a wealth of opportunity for hands-on learning environments unlike any other in the world.

Florida is also the center of trade and production of marine ornamental species in the United States, giving the university a natural research focus for developing aquaculture technologies for marine ornamental species.

Florida Tech Professors Conduct Groundbreaking Research

As an aquaculture university, our faculty members stay updated with the latest developments in the field and take this knowledge into the classroom. Professors not only advance their fields through groundbreaking research on fish aquaculture and other topics, they also encourage students to conduct research in addition to their coursework. The program chair has been active in aquaculture research and education for over 20 years and was once a World Aquaculture Society board member.

Cutting-Edge Facilities Give This Aquaculture University Many Benefits

Florida Tech offers its aquaculture students state-of-the-art, modern lab facilities and centers of excellence in which to learn and conduct research. As an aquaculture university Florida Tech concentrates on creating the most effective environments for study:

  • The 29,000-square-foot cutting-edge Harris Center for Science and Engineering serves the research needs of our aquaculture and fish biology program. Here, small-scale culture of algae, shellfish and fish species is conducted.
  • The Vero Beach Marine Laboratory, a 4-acre off-campus facility on the Atlantic Ocean, is where large-scale culture is conducted.
  • The Sportfish Research Institute involves students in the study of vital sport fish species like the Atlantic Tarpon through hands-on fieldwork.
  • The Neotropical Paleoecology Research Group studies climatic change on plant communities in tropical Central and South America by reconstructing the history of habitats and drawing patterns of biodiversity.
  • The biology lab contains eight teaching labs, 12 modern research labs, computer facility and an electron microscopy suite.
  • The indoor aquaculture facilities at Florida Tech's main campus total approximately 2,500 square feet, most of which is wet laboratory space. Recirculating systems ranging from small glass aquaria through 720-gallon tanks harbor a wide variety of aquatic species.
  • Controlled environmental factors can be imposed on any of these systems, providing outstanding capabilities for studies on virtually any aquatic species.

Small Class Sizes, Valuable Research-Based Learning and a Wonderful Place to Live

Because of our small class sizes and experienced professors who are committed to student success, you receive valuable one-on-one attention. Attending an aquaculture university like Florida Tech gives you a unique opportunity to tap into a diverse program led by a faculty with years of experience in the field, and to participate in sponsored research and fieldwork activities. Florida Tech is THE aquaculture university of choice.

Not only are we a top-rated aquaculture university, but we also have a beautiful Central Florida location that is home to 72 miles of wonderful beaches, close proximity to Kennedy Space Center and the attractions of Orlando. Campus life is buzzing with a wide range of activities for students from intramural and intercollegiate sports, to student organizations, area events and activities. With warm weather nearly year-round, it's the perfect fun-in-the-sun location for any active college student. When selecting your aquaculture university, Florida Tech is the perfect choice.