Ask a Panther Pro: Genetics

Why is genetics so important? Listen to Dr. Carroll, associate professor from the Biological Sciences Department, who has all of the answers!

Make School a Vacation

Florida Tech Study Abroad

Florida Tech offers many diverse opportunities to study abroad that are fun and educational. Some of the exciting international academic programs include destinations such as England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, and France!

Research: A Bright Future

A bright futureFlorida Tech researches into cures for Alzheimer's Disease that may save both lives and memories!

Check out this research and more at Florida Tech's Research Portal!

Blog: Quest for Solar Fuel

Dr. Michael Freund works to make the ultimate green energy a reality.

Videos: Student Design Projects

Project-based learning through student design gives students an experiential platform that helps them acquire highly sought-after workplace skills.

Gain Valuable Experience From a Variety of Biochemistry Internships

Get involved in the study of DNA and other exciting biochemistry research

Florida Tech students take part in high-tech biochemistry internships with many different companies and organizations from around Florida and the nation. Some of the companies that provide biochemistry internships to Florida Tech students are:

  • American Museum of Natural Science
  • Andean Biodiversity Consortium
  • Epcot Center
  • Florida Center for Environmental Studies
  • Florida Medical Entomology Lab
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
  • The Perry Institute for Marine Science
  • Shedd Aquarium

Biochemistry internships allow students to gain experience with the high-tech tools and techniques used by chemists around the world such as nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, mass spectrometers, thermogravimetric analyzers and more. Our state-of-the-art scientific facilities and high-tech instruments give you first-hand experience using the tools of your future career.

Build a Portfolio of Research and Experience

Research completed both at Florida Tech and during biochemistry internships allows students to build a portfolio of original content to present to potential employers after graduation. Biochemistry students research a variety of topics in both biology and chemistry, often as part of experienced faculty research teams.

Topics studied by student and faculty researchers include:

  • Novel approaches to degenerative diseases
  • DNA analysis and chromosome replication
  • Chemical counter-measures for biological threat agents
  • Plant molecular biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Toxicology

All biochemistry students present research papers at academic meetings and conferences. This provides the perfect introduction to the world of professional biochemistry. Three quarters of our students later have their work published in scientific journals.

Be Part of Clubs and Organizations in Your Field

Florida Tech's student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is a highly active group of students from all disciplines who enjoy learning about and sharing an interest in chemistry. ACS regularly holds campus-wide events to inspire an interest in chemistry, including ice cream socials and silver bottling events. This is also a great way to network and learn about other possible opportunities and biochemistry internships.