Research: Underwater Plague

Florida Tech coral researchProfessor Van Woesick and his team test whether coral diseases follow a contagious-disease model in four locations in the Caribbean!

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Understanding the World

Paleo Lab

Florida Tech's Paleo Ecology Research consists of studying the impact of climatic change on plant communities in tropical Central and South America!

Conservation Biology and Ecology Internships

Ecology internships allow Florida Tech biological sciences students to do ecology research exploring ecosystem restoration.

Florida Tech students take part in conservation biology and ecology internships at some of the most well known companies in the field. Our students are extensively involved in hands-on projects with many companies and organizations while completing biology and ecology internships, including:

  • SeaWorld
  • National Park Service
  • St. Johns Water Management District
  • Mote Marine Laboratory
  • American Zoo & Aquarium Association

Students also take part in on-campus conservation biology and ecology internships, working with researchers on projects such as:

  • How climate change and land use have affected Amazonia and the Andes
  • Effects of climate change and fragmentation on grassland bird populations
  • Evolution of island gigantism in song sparrows
  • Global climate change and the evolutionary ecology of mollusks in Antarctica

About 20 undergraduates are routinely employed in the labs of the ecology and conservation department.

Research On and Off Campus in Florida's Natural Laboratories

In addition to conservation biology and ecology internships, natural laboratories both on and off campus provide our students with a vast array of research locations and opportunities to conduct original studies. Some of these locations include:

  • Indian River Lagoon
  • Forests with over 700 tagged trees
  • Many diverse lakes
  • Wetlands across Florida

Students take part in hands-on research at these locations, as well as in high-tech laboratories across campus using tools such as scanning electron microscopes, photomicroscopes, centrifuges and more.

In addition to conservation biology and ecology internships and research, summer courses offer students the chance to conduct intensive international field studies in places like the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Galapagos and the Amazon Basin.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Biology Degree

Tri-Beta is a biological honor society that recognizes students for outstanding academic achievements and teaches students from all disciplines about biology and its importance. This active group holds events such as guest lectures, BBQs, fishing and more.