Make School a Vacation

Florida Tech Study Abroad

Florida Tech offers many diverse opportunities to study abroad that are fun and educational. Some of the exciting international academic programs include destinations such as England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, and France!

Research: Micro-mania!

Florida Tech researchFlorida Tech undergraduate students work with graduate students on a project involving the design of microcapsules for various applications. They explore the developing technology from many departments including chemistry, engineering, biology and physics and space sciences!

Check out this research and more at Florida Tech's Research Portal!

Blog: Quest for Solar Fuel

Dr. Michael Freund works to make the ultimate green energy a reality.

Hands-on Chemistry Internships

Hands-on chemistry research and real-world chemistry internships let you gain valuable experience in the study of silver nanoparticle synthesis.

Chemistry internships are a valuable part of the Florida Tech experience. By working hands-on using the tools and techniques use of professional chemists, our students gather valuable knowledge that extends beyond the classroom. Some of the organizations that provide chemistry internships to our students include:

  • NASA
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Through chemistry internships provided by these and many other companies, Florida Tech students forge connections that eventually lead to careers after college.

Take Part in Cutting-Edge Chemistry Research

All undergraduates participate in research, often in both the classroom and chemistry internships. Many students join cutting-edge faculty research teams, working side by side experienced professors to conduct original research. Students build valuable skills and a highly competitive resume that equips them for future chemistry jobs. Some of the research topics studied by our faculty include:

  • Alzheimer's research
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Polyurethane foams for fireproofing and energy absorption
  • Hydrogen as an alternative energy source
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Nanotechnology

In addition to faculty-led research, all students present papers at American Chemical Society meetings. Many chemistry students publish their papers in scientific journals. These publications allow our students to build a portfolio to present to potential employers for chemistry internships and careers. A few research programs unique to Florida Tech exist in medical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and space-related chemistry. Research is a great way for students to gain experience working with scientific instrumentation, learn valuable laboratory skills and find out how chemical research is really done.

Choose from Several Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

The student chapter of the American Chemical Society is dedicated to making chemistry interesting and fun to people of all disciplines. ACS regularly holds several popular events around campus, including ice cream socials and silver bottling, an annual event many students and faculty look forward to.

Florida Tech's range of chemistry internships and study in the field of chemistry make the university an attractive option for anyone interested in a chemistry career.