Video: Surfing Panthers

Check out the Florida Tech Surf Club Rip at the Goon!

Research: Micro-mania!

Florida Tech researchFlorida Tech undergraduate students work with graduate students on a project involving the design of microcapsules for various applications. They explore the developing technology from many departments including chemistry, engineering, biology and physics and space sciences!

Check out this research and more at Florida Tech's Research Portal!

Videos: Student Design Projects

Project-based learning through student design gives students an experiential platform that helps them acquire highly sought-after workplace skills.

Interdisciplinary Science Internships and Research Opportunities

Create Hands on Learning Experiences in Many Interdisciplinary Topics

Interdisciplinary science students at Florida Tech have an opportunity to participate in science internships in a wide range of fields and with a variety of companies. Because of the individualized nature of the program, students are able to choose a specific company that interests them. Some of the organizations that provide science internships to Florida Tech students include:

  • NASA
  • National Institutes of Health
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Harris Corp.
  • Northrop Grumman

Science internships at these and many other companies provide our students with the opportunity to utilize their skills outside the classroom and forge the connections that may lead to a career.

Participate in Research in Many Different Areas of Science

Research conducted by Florida Tech interdisciplinary science students provides valuable experience with the tools and techniques necessary for science internships and research. Our international faculty has research interests that include sustainability, high-energy physics, coastal management, space systems and climate change.

Some of the topics studied by interdisciplinary science students include:

  • Astrophysics
  • Nanotechnology
  • International business
  • Technical writing
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Critical languages

Research conducted by our students affects the real world. Students work on projects such as LEED-certifying buildings in Dubai, extending critical language studies to international business and more.

Join Florida Tech Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is a group of students who share an interest in space and the sciences. Members of SEDS meet regularly to talk about exciting scientific topics and listen to intriguing guest lectures.

The student chapter of the American Chemical Society invites students from all disciplines who have an interest in chemistry, or even need tutoring in chemistry classes, to come together to learn more about the field.