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Medical Chemistry Research

Learn about chemistry in medicine and exciting topics like drug therapy and DNA replication.

A premed internship is one of the central parts of the learning experience for Florida Tech students seeking to pursue work in medicine-related fields after college. Our premed chemistry students take part in internships across Florida and the country working for businesses and organizations that match their interests. A few of these include:

  • Cancer Care Center of Brevard
  • Brevard Zoo
  • East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic
  • Kennedy Space Center

Most Florida Tech premed students choose to spend their time getting medical-related experience during a premed internship. The majority of these students volunteer at local hospitals, spending a great deal of time shadowing physicians. With a quality premed internship, our students gather the hands-on experience that puts them ahead of the competition when entering graduate schools and careers.

Participate in Summer Research that Enhances Your Experience

In addition to a premed internship, all undergraduates participate in research, often in both the classroom and a chemistry premed internship. Many students take part in cutting edge faculty research teams, working side by side with experienced professors to conduct original research. Students build valuable skills and a highly competitive resume that equips them for future chemistry jobs. Some of the research topics studied by our faculty are:

  • Infrared vision in snakes
  • DNA replication
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Developmental biology

Other universities and corporations also play a big role in our student's college experience through summer research program, conducting research at locations such as the Life Science Labs at the Kennedy Space Center, Midwest Research Institute, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

In addition to faculty research, all students present papers at American Chemical Society meetings and regional meetings. A majority of our chemistry students publish their papers in scientific journals. These publications allow our students to build a portfolio to show to potential employers for chemistry internships and careers.

A few research programs unique to Florida Tech exist in medical chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and space-related chemistry. Research is a great way for students to gain experience working with scientific instrumentation, learn valuable laboratory skills and find out how chemical research is really done.

Clubs and Organizations that Heighten Your Premedical Studies

Florida Tech's Premed Club is dedicated to helping each other reach their graduate school goals. Club members study for and take standardized tests in the medical field (such as the MCAT) as well as network for job and premed internship opportunities. The Florida Tech Pre-Med Club also participates in regular field trips to medical schools and listens to guest lecturers.