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Get an Interdisciplinary Science Degree for the Military

Create an Individualized Program for Becoming a Military Officer

The interdisciplinary science major is a broad individualized program with courses selected from a variety of electives in science, engineering and non-technical fields (such as business, arts and humanities).

This program gives students a broad scientific knowledge to earn a science degree for the military, while also providing the practical military skills, confidence and experience required for succeeding as an officer in the U.S. Army

Gain Practical Experience

Because the interdisciplinary science program is flexible, it caters to the individual student's needs while still emphasizing broad training in science. Students who wish to earn a science degree for the military benefit from a program that is aligned with the Panther ROTC Battalion to become well-rounded, well-trained U.S. military officers.

Interdisciplinary science students may expect small classes and to learn from professors who are passionate about research and guiding students in tight-knit faculty-student collaboration. First year students begin customizing their education right away, choosing from a variety of physical/life science and technical electives, as well as an eight-course ROTC sequence in military science, which covers everything from basic rifle marksmanship to platoon tactics and military history.

As a senior, you have opportunities with advanced studies in the field(s) culminating in the capstone seminar, for which you will research, write and present a substantial paper focused on a topic of your choosing. A graduate with a science degree for the military has a well-rounded appreciation of science and its place in society, and has acquired specific tools for his or her military career.

Build Professional Relationships

Beyond the classroom, those seeking a science degree for the military build leadership and professional experience through exciting internships and participation in ROTC competitions and leadership camps, Student Government and over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.