Research: Micro-mania!

Florida Tech researchFlorida Tech undergraduate students work with graduate students on a project involving the design of microcapsules for various applications. They explore the developing technology from many departments including chemistry, engineering, biology and physics and space sciences!

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Leadership on a whole new level!

Florida Tech ROTC

Florida Tech's ROTC program not only offers many scholarships, but also many other opportunities including Airborne Training School, Air Assault School, and many others all over the world!

Aeronautical Science Internship and Research Experiences

Organizations like NASA and Harris Offer Opportunities

Interdisciplinary science students in the aeronautics program at Florida Tech have a variety of internship opportunities in both the scientific and aeronautical fields. Because of the individualized nature of the program, students are able to participate in an aeronautical science internship in companies such as:

  • NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • Harris Corp.
  • Melbourne International Airport

An aeronautical science internship with organizations like these creates valuable learning and networking opportunities and offers a way to apply skills learned during coursework.

Research Opportunities in Many Areas of Science

In addition to an aeronautical science internship, Florida Tech interdisciplinary science students get involved in research. These projects are personalized to their interests and give them valuable experience with the tools and techniques necessary for a career in aeronautical science.

Students studying interdisciplinary science at Florida Tech have had aeronautical science internships and research experiences in fields as diverse as astrophysics, nanotechnology, international business, technical writing, nuclear engineering, sustainable building development and air traffic control.

Because the faculty in the program comes from various departments around campus, their research spans the entire spectrum of science, engineering, business, psychology, aeronautics and humanities. Students work alongside the professors on research concerning such topics as sustainability, high-energy physics, coastal management, international education, space systems, sports education and climate change, among others.

In addition to research or an aeronautical science internship, interested students can also take part in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) program. ATC students gain hands-on experience with industry standard air traffic control programs and can bypass certain training courses after graduation.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Biology Degree

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) share an interest in space and the sciences. Members of SEDS meet regularly to talk about scientific topics, listen to intriguing guest lectures, and network about research or internships.

Women in Aviation is an organization made up of both women and men dedicated to the advancement of women in aeronautics. WIA takes part in networking activities and lectures to help promote women in all fields and help them obtain aeronautical science internship positions and career opportunities.