Cool Stuff: Crush it, Stretch it

Florida Tech Biomedical Engineering

Florida Tech biomedical engineering students get to use cool laboratory equipment including the Instron ElectroPuls E3000, a mechanical testing instrument capable of performing a wide range of static and dynamic tests.

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Video: Surfing Panthers

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Imagine. Design. Build.

Harris Student Design Center

The Harris Student Design Center, also known as the PantherWorks, is an 11,500 square-foot work and meeting space that facilitates the ideation, planning, designing, assembling and testing of capstone engineering and science projects.

Blog: Cancer Research's Gold Standard

Florida Tech researchers use gold nanoparticles to make Important discoveries.

Videos: Student Design Projects

Project-based learning through student design gives students an experiential platform that helps them acquire highly sought-after workplace skills.

Biomedical Engineering internships And Research Opportunities

Emphasis on Research Includes Dynamic Real World Projects

Biomedical engineering internships with Florida Tech take place at medical centers and hospitals around Brevard County. Students can work hands-on with physicians and technicians at several locations, including:

  • Health First hospitals
  • Cancer Care Center of Brevard
  • The Eye Institute
  • The Back Center

While completing their biomedical engineering internships, Florida Tech students gather real world experience and training that help them better compete for jobs after college. Florida Tech is located amidst the nation's fourth largest high-tech work force.

Gain Experience in the Field While Earning Your Degree

Imagine working side-by-side physicians in a clinical setting to help solve biomedical engineering problems while earning credit toward your degree. This is the premise of the Clinical Immersion Experience, a unique and dynamic program that allows Florida Tech students to step into the world of biomedical engineering for six to seven weeks at several locations, including:

  • NASA's Kennedy Space Center
  • Orlando VA Medical Center
  • The Neural Engineering Clinic
  • Tampa VA Medical Center

These guided programs give our students a valuable and unforgettable experience led by real practicing physicians to prepare students for biomedical engineering internships and careers. Plus, our low student-to-faculty ratio encourages close collaboration and mentorship as well as individual creativity and leadership.

In addition to biomedical engineering internships, students can also participate in faculty-led research that includes:

  • Lasers for cancer detection and therapy
  • Medical imaging
  • Cardiovascular engineering
  • Neural engineering
  • Orthopaedic biomechanics
  • Biosensors
  • Ophthalmology

Senior Capstone Project

The culmination of the biomedical engineering experience is the capstone project, a three-semester sequence ultimately resulting in a presentable, professional project that will stand out on a resume. This educational experience follows research and biomedical engineering internships and is enriched through design courses where students work as teams to solve biomedical engineering problems. Students working in collaboration with area physicians are provided with specific projects that are of interest to clinicians and can have potential applications for device manufacturers, allowing students to better focus their projects for real-world use.