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Applied Mathematics Internships Offer Rich Experiences

Gain valuable hands-on experience with applied mathematics internships in areas like computational statistics, operations research models and traffic jams.

Applied mathematics internships are available to Florida Tech students from many different government agencies and industries, including:

  • National Security Administration
  • NASA
  • Homeland Security
  • Scripps Oceanographic Institute

These internships provide opportunities for our students to use the skills they've learned in their coursework to develop solutions for complicated real-life problems they'll encounter in applied mathematics jobs.

High-Tech Research

Research projects in applied mathematics vary from real-life problems to theoretical problems that establish a foundation of applied mathematics for applied mathematics jobs. Some of the real-world problems students research include:

  • Underground water pollution
  • Traffic jams
  • Vehicle aerodynamics
  • Rising inflation rates
  • Hurricane path prediction

Florida Tech students also work alongside faculty in high-tech faculty research teams. By involving themselves in original research endeavors, our students are better able to conduct research after graduating college and in applied mathematics jobs. Current areas of interest noted by mathematics professors include:

  • Mutation rates
  • Infectious diseases
  • Medical imaging
  • Modeling
  • Coral bleaching
  • Tumor growth modeling

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Applied Mathematics Degree

The student chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is dedicated to bringing together mathematics, technology and science to inspire cooperative efforts to fix many of the world's biggest problems.

Infinity Math Club is a student-run group that brings together students of all disciplines to learn more about mathematics and discover new ways of looking at the field. The club holds regular meetings to discuss different projects and theories in math. Being part of a club is an excellent way to network and learn about internships, research projects and applied mathematics jobs.