Research: Underwater Plague

Florida Tech coral researchProfessor Van Woesick and his team test whether coral diseases follow a contagious-disease model in four locations in the Caribbean!

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Florida Tech Student Government Association

The Florida Tech Student Government Association represents the entire student body to promote cooperation among the students, faculty, staff and administration of the University.

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Get Hands-On Experience with Mathematical Biology Internships

Mathematical biology internships get you involved in bioinformatics research in areas like medical biostatistics, mutation rates and population dynamics.

Biomathematics students complete research projects in a wide variety of phenomena that can be modeled through mathematics. These projects range widely depending on student interest and ideal biomathematics jobs. Some past projects include:

  • Cancer Treatment Modeling
  • Protein Interaction
  • Coral Bleaching
  • Infectious Disease Modeling
  • Neuronal Activity Modeling

These special interest projects allow students to apply the skills they learn in their courses while becoming familiar with the programs and tools used by professionals in biomathematics jobs. Florida Tech students conduct field or lab experiments to create their own data when modeling these complex problems. Biomathematics also demands that students spend extensive time on the computer for simulations.


Research is an ongoing process for biomathematics students at Florida Tech. By creating intricate models using cutting edge software, you can better understand the issues tackled in real-life biomathematics jobs. Topics of study include:

  • Tumor growth models
  • Population dynamics
  • Fertilization models
  • Mutation rates

Students in their senior year are encouraged to attend regional and national undergraduate research conferences to present their findings and create a portfolio for biomathematics jobs.

The research conducted while at Florida Tech gives students specialized training in the biology lab of their research. Each student is trained and mentored to design and control biological experiments. Students are also taught how to write research articles and presentations to prepare them for future biomathematics jobs.

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The Infinity Math Club is for students who are curious to learn more about math and its applications. This club holds regular meetings to discuss different ways of looking at and learning more about mathematics.

Great Florida Location

Florida Tech has a beautiful central Florida location that is home to 72 miles of beaches, and is close to Kennedy Space Center and the attractions of Orlando. Campus life offers a wide range of activities for students from intramural and intercollegiate sports, to student organizations and area events and activities. Cutting edge projects and research allow Florida Tech biomathematics majors to use the tools and techniques found in real biomathematics jobs.