Cool Stuff: Marine Field Research

Florida Tech Marine Field Research

School work can be a morning on the water or a day at the beach for Ocean Engineering and Sciences students. That's where many try out their design projects, literally getting their feet wet in the real world of engineering.

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Cool Stuff: Coastal Field Course

Florida Tech Coastal Field Course

The two-week course, "Pacific Coastal Environments" on the rugged Oregon coast, gives students used to exploring warm Florida waters a welcome change.

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Research: Underwater Plague

Florida Tech coral researchProfessor Van Woesick and his team test whether coral diseases follow a contagious-disease model in four locations in the Caribbean!

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VIDEO: Pescaditio Ocean Research

Check out the fun music video of Florida Tech students at a marine ecology field course in Cuba!

Experience an Exciting Oceanography Internship

Oceanography Internship and Oceanography Research Opportunities

From the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, our students can participate in a plethora of oceanography internships and research opportunities outside the classroom.

Local companies and non-profit organizations provide many of the oceanography internships available to Florida Tech students including:

  • SeaWorld
  • The Audubon Society
  • Save the Manatee
  • The Marine Resources Council of East Central Florida

These oceanography internships offer experience in the field that students can apply to future careers or graduate school. Florida Tech alumni also get involved in designing oceanography internships for students.

Be Face-to-Face with Wildlife

Beyond their oceanography internships, students can take part in several different travel excursions to bring them face-to-face with wildlife from around the state or internationally to gather valuable research in a topic of their choosing. These adventures include such activities as an ocean cruise, trips to the Indian River Lagoon and its tributaries, and more.

Florida Tech students can also work side-by-side with faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories to conduct research and become familiar with many tools of the trade that they will use in oceanography internships and future careers. Florida Tech is also the only, or one of very few universities that have an oceanography program integrated with ocean engineering, meteorology and environmental science programs.

Specialized Labs

High-tech ocean engineering and sciences laboratories provide facilities and instrumentation used for core boring and sediment analysis, beach surveying, the measurement and analysis of water waves, the processes of fouling by marine organisms and saltwater corrosion, and more.

Prepare for the Real World with Student Field Projects

Florida Tech students culminate their research in marine field projects, which cover a wide array of topics and interests, including:

  • Human impact on water quality
  • Loss of seagrass beds
  • Algae blooms
  • Beach erosion
  • Beach waves
  • Ecological surveys

At the end of the summer, students present their work at the Field Projects Symposium where many local agencies and news representatives gather to hear about and report on student findings.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

The newly formed Florida Tech Environmental Club helps promote "green" living and encourage environmentally friendly practices through educational events and campus cleanups. Networking, clubs, internships and research are all valuable ways students at Florida Tech enhance their degree and make connections for future careers.