Cool Stuff: Lightning Research

Florida Tech Lightning Research

Did you know Florida is a lightning capital of the world? When it comes to the latest in lightning, national media like the Discovery Channel look to Florida Tech. Lightning researchers here first discovered X-rays from lightning.

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Research: No Ordinary Milky Way

Florida Tech Milky Way researchFlorida Tech tests theories of galaxy formation and evolution by studying the spatial, kinematic and metallicity distributions of the Milky Way stars!

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Research: Lightning is Hot!

Professor Ningyu Liu, of the Florida Tech Physics and Space Science department, caught a beautiful slo-mo lightning show from a recent storm. Recorded at 7000 frames per second. Playback is 700 frames. It went viral!

Physics Internships through Florida Tech

Cutting edge physics internships and research get you involved with exciting topics like upward lightning and dark lightning.

Companies and organizations around the world provide Florida Tech students with physics internships to prepare them for future careers. Some of these companies include:

  • CERN in Switzerland
  • Harris Corp.
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • Lockheed-Martin

These challenging and dynamic physics internships provide our students with valuable experience in their field. Students are trained in conducting measurements and data analysis, as well as building equipment and detectors. Physics Internships are a valuable learning experience.

Research Opportunities

In addition to physics internships, students also participate in research at Florida Tech or around the world. Conducting research at locations such as Fermilab in Chicago and CERN in Switzerland, our students participate in design and construction of detector systems for experiments, data collection and analysis. Florida Tech students also conduct research in on-campus laboratories, guided by one of our internationally recognized faculty members.

Join Clubs and Professional Organizations

The Society of Physics Students is a professional organization designed and run by students to help them achieve their goals of obtaining physics internships and careers. Members participate in experiments and presentations, weekly discussions and department picnics.

For stargazing students, the Student Astronomical Society provides opportunities for members to utilize telescopes to observe and record unique cosmic phenomena outside the classroom. They also attend field trips, hold "star parties" and attend department functions.