Cool Stuff: Flight Simulators

Florida Tech Flight Simulator

"It feels real," say aviation students when they're seated in the cockpit of an FIT Aviation flight simulator. You might be in a twin-engine trainer with 180-degree wrap-around screen.

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Classrooms in the sky!

F.I.T. Aviation provides training for pilots from Private through ATP, Flight Instructor - Instrument and Multi-Engine. Some unique courses in a major with the flight option include Conventional Gear, Aerobatics, Air Taxi, Complex Instruments, and more.

High-Tech Aviation Internship and Training Opportunities

Air Traffic Control Specialization Meets FAA Criteria

Many aeronautical science majors participate in an aviation internship over one or more summers or semesters. Just a few of these opportunities include major and regional airlines, where students gain specialized experience in airline operations and a variety of aviation businesses, as well as attend valuable development courses such as aircraft systems.

These aviation internship opportunities can be with the airlines or aviation companies such as:

  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Melbourne International Airport

Aviation internship experiences are great for networking in the industry and utilizing skills learned during coursework. An aviation internship also provides an opportunity to attend aircraft systems training and to train in a full-flight Level V flight simulator. Interning students learn about flight dispatch, record keeping and the various large computer systems and programs employed by the airlines.

High Tech Training

In addition to an aviation internship, FIT Aviation conducts flight training with the university's modern fleet of aircraft, offering fixed wing flight certificates and ratings. The towered Melbourne International Airport hosts a mix of air carrier and general aviation traffic on its three runways.

With eight different instrument approaches, a radar approach control and over 10 airports within a 50-mile radius, the airport provides an excellent environment for professional flight training. Numerous general aviation and commercial service airports in the Central Florida area offer valuable training opportunities for various airport approaches, landings and takeoffs.

Florida Tech's first-rate flight training facilities are located at the Melbourne International Airport, in the Emil Buehler Flight Training Center. Our large fleet consists of Piper aircraft, including Warriors, Arrows, twin-engine Piper Seminoles and an aerobatic Citabria. Florida Tech offers both glass cockpit and round dial aircraft.

Air Traffic Control Program Option

Interested students can also take part in the optional Air Traffic Control (ATC) program. ATC students gain hands-on experience with industry standard air traffic control programs and are able to bypass certain training courses after graduation. Students learn high-level software and programming skills and gain experience in aviation programs and applications used around the world. Using computer-aided design (CAD) programs, students can complete projects in designing airports and airport terminals, and conduct experiments such as noise studies.

Be an Active Part of Aviation Flight-Related Organizations

Professional organizations are another way to learn about aviation internship and job opportunities. The Falcons Precision Flight Team is a student organization that takes part in both ground and flight competitions regionally and nationally. The team participates in highly competitive events and also holds numerous gatherings on campus to promote aviation safety.

Women in Aviation (WIA) is an organization made up of both women and men dedicated to the advancement of women in aeronautics. WIA takes part in networking activities and lectures to help promote women in all fields and help them obtain aviation internship positions and career opportunities.