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John DeatonDr. John Deaton logged over 700 hours of flight on various Navy aircraft before coming to Florida Tech. Now he brings together the exciting blend of engineering and psychology into his aviation human factors courses.

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Skurla Hall

Skurla Hall

Skurla Hall houses the College of Aeronautics, where students become experts in all facets of the aviation industry, from air traffic control and aviation computer science to airport management and aviation meteorology.

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Video: Feels Like Florida Tech

If you're interested in going to Florida Tech, you'll want to watch our new video to see just what it "feels like".

Top 150 U.S. University

Florida Institute of Technology is one of the top 150 universities in the United States, according to a new ranking from Times Higher Education, the respected London-based provider of data and analytics on higher education.

For a Top Aeronautical University, Choose Florida Tech

The Only Aeronautics Program in the U.S. That Offers TurboJet Type Rating

Studying aviation at an aeronautical university like Florida Tech affords you the benefits of a larger school (such as world-class faculty members and high-quality course curriculum) in a close-knit academic community offering small class sizes and one-on-one time with professors. The campus atmosphere is relaxed and studying here is a very personal experience, making us a very unique aeronautical university.

Florida Tech's faculty members are experienced experts in all aspects of aviation. The faculty is largely comprised not only of pilots, but also experts in at least one other area such as aviation law, safety, avionics, and environmental science. Other professors are experts in airport consulting; design and management; airline or general aviation management; as well as aviation human factors, meteorology and air traffic control.

High-Tech Laboratory & Learning Facilities

As an aeronautical university we know that cutting-edge technology and facilities are an important part of what makes a program successful. Aeronautical science majors at Florida Tech primarily attend class and work in the College of Aeronautics' Skurla Hall, which includes classrooms, computer labs for airport design and planning, and the Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab. The BATD Lab enables all students to fly desktop simulators under the supervision of a flight instructor. Skurla Hall is home to a first-rate computer lab with many different applications and networking capabilities that allow hands-on learning of many aviation topics.

Great Florida Location – Year-Round Flying

Florida Tech's benefits begin with its prime position on Florida's Space Coast, boasting ideal weather conditions for flying year-round. Florida Tech's Central Florida location also puts students amidst a wealth of high-tech companies for internships and research.

The campus of this aeronautical university is near 72 miles of beautiful beaches, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Brevard Zoo, Port Canaveral and Orlando theme parks. Campus life includes many student organizations, and competitive and intramural sports.

Aviation is a small world and our faculty and students enjoy a special bond and sense of camaraderie. Florida Tech's program, quality professors and comprehensive curriculum make it your best choice for an aeronautical university.