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FIT Aviation

F.I.T. Aviation has an impressive fleet of aircraft that includes Piper Archer TX airplanes equipped with Garmin G1000 glass panel avionics, plus Piper Warriors and Seminoles, Cessna, Cirrus, Citabria and Liberty XL2!

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Aviation Experts Make Florida Tech an Exceptional Aviation University

The Only University Offering Aircraft Type Rating Programs

The major benefit Florida Tech has over any other national aviation university is our small class size and the close personal contact students enjoy with their professors and administrators. Whether for student advising, academic assistance, or internship and research mentorship, our faculty is available to personally mentor students and foster success compared to another aviation university.

Learn from Aviation Experts

The aviation management faculty at Florida Tech is a mixture of experienced pilots, airport design and management experts, and a professional meteorologist who stays updated on the latest developments in meteorology training. As a top national aviation university, our faculty members are also experts in at least one other aviation-related field including aviation law, aviation business management, safety and aviation law. The meteorology professor also serves as the academic advisor for all meteorology majors.

Our students are up for a challenge and are encouraged by our professors to join in an annual national forecasting contest where they compete with other national aviation university students from all over the country. In addition, each year professors assist high-achieving meteorology students in applying for scholarships from the American Meteorological Society.

Become an Airline Pilot

As the only university to offer aircraft type rating courses to undergraduate flight students for academic credit, Florida Tech can help you reach a career with the major airlines faster. In addition to the private and commercial pilot certificates and the instrument ratings you earn as part of your Florida Tech degree, you can undergo additional training, and earn a multiengine type rating as an undergraduate to gain a distinct advantage over a graduate of another aviation university. It costs about the same as the flight instructor training sequence, depending on learned skills, and you graduate with an average 250–300 flight hours.

A Variety of Specializations

Another advantage of an aviation university is specialization. Florida Tech aviation meteorology students can choose additional skills to enhance their degree and gain professional advantages for future careers.

  • ExpressJet Pathway Program - Flight-option majors who qualify can apply to the Pathway Program to guarantee a job with ExpressJet regional airlines and a guaranteed interview with Delta Airlines. As part of the program, you earn your CFI and instruct new students at FIT Aviation to gain experience and flight time, a requisite for any flight career.
  • Air Traffic Control – This is the study of the atmosphere from a pilot and air traffic controller's perspective. Among the College of Aeronautics' most demanding programs, it is also an in-demand career. Hurricane hunters are often hired from these programs. Graduates of the air traffic control program bypass the FAA Academy Traffic Basics Course when attending the FAA Academy and give Florida Tech a distinct advantage over another aviation university.
  • Flight Instructor - Flight instructor ground and flight courses can be taken as electives with any of the flight majors. FIT Aviation hires students and recent graduates who have their CFI certificates as flight instructors, giving them the opportunity to gain professional experience and build flight time hours.

Comprehensive High-Tech Facilities

Florida Tech boasts facilities and resources that can measure up to nearly any other national aviation university in the country. Among these are our new training facilities housed in the 12,000 square-foot Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research located near the Melbourne International Air-port. The center has many features including a weather/flight planning room, and refurbished aircraft and simulator room.

In Skurla Hall are computer labs for airport design and planning, and the Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab, where aviation students are able to fly desktop simulators under the supervision of a flight instructor. Skurla Hall is also where aviation majors find the Air Traffic Control lab, and another reason that Florida Tech is a recognized aviation university.

Great Florida Location

Located on the Space Coast, Florida Tech has ideal weather conditions for all flight-based operations, something that is vital to any national aviation university. Its prime location on Florida's Space Coast puts students amidst a wealth of high-tech companies for internships and research. The campus is located near 72 miles of beautiful beaches, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Brevard Zoo, Port Canav-eral and Orlando theme parks.  Campus life includes many student organizations, Student Government, and competitive and intramural sports.

Choose an aviation university that is focused, flexible and dynamic for your aviation meteorology degree. Choose Florida Tech.