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Florida Tech CABE

CABE (Collegiate Aviation Business Executives) facilitates a networking relationship with the students and the aviation industry with events and opportunities to travel to professional conferences, seminars, airport tours, airline facility tours, networking events and airshows!

Florida Tech Women in Aviation

Florida Tech Women in Aviation

This student organization has over thirty women and a few guys too! Their main purpose is to plan group events, collect scholarships, find internships and help each other find employment. What else could you ask for?

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Aviation Meteorology Internship Opportunities

Develop Expertise With Access to Industry Scientists

Aviation meteorology students have the opportunity to intern at several companies in both the aviation and meteorology fields. An aviation meteorology internship provides valuable experience at many organizations, including:

  • The National Weather Service
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Students explore career options in an aviation meteorology internship while also making the connections that later helps them find a job after college.

Research Opportunities

In addition to an aviation meteorology internship, students can participate in research opportunities in meteorology. The department of ocean engineering and sciences is an integrated group of environmental scientists, oceanographers, ocean engineers and meteorologists who share a keen interest in preserving, protecting and enhancing natural resources. Their research interests are broad and often interrelated. Current research focuses on, for example:

  • Tropical cyclone and hurricane wind speed probability
  • Freshwater-saltwater hydrology
  • Atmospheric radiative transfer
  • Climate change

After completing an aviation meteorology internship, meteorology students carry out a capstone research project in the summer of their junior and senior year, choosing from a wide variety of topics. They range from thunderstorm development along sea breeze fronts to the effects of coastal buildings and landforms on wind behavior.

Aviation meteorology students are encouraged to take part in an annual national forecasting competition where they can compete with other meteorology students from around the country.

Some meteorology students also choose a specialization in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) program to gain hands-on training with industry-standard air traffic control programs. Upon completing the course, participants are able to bypass certain ATC training courses after graduation.

Join Clubs and Organizations to Enhance Your Degree

The Falcons Precision Flight Team is a group of students dedicated to soaring above the competition in both flight and ground exercises. The team regularly takes part in regional and national competitions around the country. The Falcons also hold informative aviation safety events for students and faculty of all disciplines including field trips to places like the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Women in Aviation is a student organizations made up of both women and men working together to advance women in all areas of aeronautics. They frequently network with other chapters to help members find an aviation meteorology internship or research opportunity.