Cool Stuff: Flight Simulators

Florida Tech Flight Simulator

"It feels real," say aviation students when they're seated in the cockpit of an FIT Aviation flight simulator. You might be in a twin-engine trainer with 180-degree wrap-around screen.

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Classrooms in the sky!

F.I.T. Aviation provides training for pilots from Private through ATP, Flight Instructor - Instrument and Multi-Engine. Some unique courses in a major with the flight option include Conventional Gear, Aerobatics, Air Taxi, Complex Instruments, and more.

Aviation Management Internships

American, JetBlue and SouthWest Work With Florida Tech Students

Aviation management with flight students have an opportunity to intern during their time at Florida Tech. These aviation management internships provide students with valuable hands-on experience in airlines such as:

  • American Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Aviation management internships at airlines like these are an excellent way to not only gain real-word experience in the field, but to also create contacts with the professionals who may hire you after college. Many of our aviation management with flight students also take sessions in a full-flight Level V flight simulator.

Advanced Simulations and Specialized Programs

In addition to aviation management internships, many students participate in advanced simulations while at Florida Tech. One example is a semester-long exercise in running a simulated airport.

Students are also provided with computer labs for airport design and planning, and the Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab. In the BATD Lab students can fly desktop simulators while under the supervision of a flight instructor to gain additional experience.

This program also offers students an Air Traffic Control (ATC) option. This program gives them hands-on training with industry-standard air traffic control programs in the Air Traffic Control Lab. When the course is completed, participants may bypass certain ATC training courses after graduation. Students earn 21 credit hours of focused coursework in aerodynamics, meteorology, and safety.

Various Degree-Related Clubs and Organizations

The Falcons Precision Flight Team, a student organization, takes part in both ground and flight competitions regionally and nationally. The team participates in highly competitive events and holds numerous gatherings on campus to promote aviation safety.

Women in Aviation, an organization of women and men, is dedicated to the advancement of women in aeronautics. WIA takes part in networking activities and lectures to help promote women in all fields and help them obtain internships and career opportunities.