Travel, network and have fun!

Florida Tech CABE

CABE (Collegiate Aviation Business Executives) facilitates a networking relationship with the students and the aviation industry with events and opportunities to travel to professional conferences, seminars, airport tours, airline facility tours, networking events and airshows!

Florida Tech Women in Aviation

Florida Tech Women in Aviation

This student organization has over thirty women and a few guys too! Their main purpose is to plan group events, collect scholarships, find internships and help each other find employment. What else could you ask for?

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Aviation Management Internships and Research Experiences

Gain Unique Expertise in Simulation and Hands-On Training Projects

Aviation management students have an opportunity to intern at airports during their time at Florida Tech. These aviation management internships provide students with valuable experience with airlines such as:

  • American Airlines
  • JetBlue Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Aviation management internships at airlines like these are an excellent way to not only gain real-world experience within all aspects of an airline, but to create contacts with the professionals who may be interested in hiring you after college.

Advanced Simulations and Specialized Programs

Many aviation students take part in various advanced simulations during their time at Florida Tech. Among these advanced simulations is a semester-long exercise in running a simulated airport.

Aviation management courses include computer labs for airport design and planning, and the Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) Lab. The BATD Lab enables students to fly desktop simulators under the supervision of a flight instructor.

Choosing the Air Traffic Control (ATC) option gives you hands-on training with industry standard air traffic control programs in the Air Traffic Control lab. Upon completing the course, participants are able to bypass certain ATC training courses after graduation. The program gives you 21 credit hours of focused coursework in areas such as aerodynamics, meteorology and safety.

Various Degree-Related Clubs and Organizations

The Falcons Precision Flight Team student organization takes part in both ground and flight competitions regionally and nationally. The team participates in highly competitive events and holds numerous gatherings on campus to promote aviation safety.

Women in Aviation, an organization made up of both women and men, is dedicated to the advancement of women in aeronautics. WIA takes part in networking activities and lectures to help promote women in all fields and help them obtain aviation management internships and career opportunities.