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Florida Tech Physics

Florida Tech's High Energy Particle Physics Research team looks into CMS Muon Detectors, CMS Hadron Calorimeter, Muon Tomography and much more!

Research and Premed Internships in Physics

Medical Research Prepares For Graduate and Medical School

Premed internships are one of the central parts of the learning experience for Florida Tech students seeking to pursue work in medicine-related fields after college. Our premedical students take part in internships around Florida and the country working for businesses and organizations that match their own interests. A few of these companies include:

  • Cancer Care Center of Brevard
  • Brevard Zoo
  • East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic
  • Kennedy Space Center

Most students choose to spend their time getting medical-related experience during their premed internships. The majority of these students volunteer at local hospitals, spending a great deal of time shadowing physicians. With quality premed internships, our students gather the hands-on experience that will put them ahead of the competition when entering graduate schools and careers.

Participate in Summer Research that Enhances Your Experience

Florida Tech student researchers go to national conferences and often win awards for their research. A few of our students have even published papers with the help of their faculty advisors on topics such as:

  • Astrophysics
  • Space weather
  • Sprites and other high-altitude lightning
  • Using x-rays to study lightning
  • Human space flight

The physics and space sciences department is housed in the Olin Physical Sciences Center, which contains 14 teaching laboratories, 21 research labs, a clean room and dark room, high bay area and rooftop observatory.

Other universities and corporations also play a big role in our student's college experience through summer research programs. When you choose to participate in summer research opportunities you conduct research at locations such as the Life Science Labs at the Kennedy Space Center, the Midwest Research Institute and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Join Clubs and Organizations that Enhance Your Premed Physics Degree

The Florida Tech Pre-Med Club is a group of students who are dedicated to helping each other reach their graduate school goals. Club members study for and take standardized tests in the medical field (such as the MCAT,) as well as network for job and premed internships. Finally, the Florida Tech Pre-Med Club participates in regular field trips to medical schools and listens to guest lecturers. These activities are another way students learn about premed internships and research opportunities.