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This fact will make your pay day!

Florida Tech College Salary ReportThe current College Salary Report ranks Florida Tech graduates' mid-career median salaries in first place among Florida universities. Other national universities with salaries for graduates similar to Florida Tech's include Columbia, Yale, Brown and Johns Hopkins.

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Incredible Alumni

Florida Tech Alumni

Florida Tech alumni number more than 50,000!

They include the first female four-star general, Ann E. Dunwoody, and dozens of other military officers; a National Teacher of the Year, Tracey Bailey; the director of a NASA center; five astronauts who have flown on the space shuttle; an Olympic medalist; and a major league pitcher among thousands of engineers, scientists, pilots, entrepreneurs, and more.

Forensic Psychology Careers

Graduates Find Jobs in Criminal Justice, Counseling and Research

Forensic psychologists work to understand criminal human behavior by observing, interpreting and recording how people relate to one another or their environment. They possess important skills in data analysis, writing and research in order to examine a problem, identify the issues to be addressed, unravel evidence and draw conclusions. Forensic psychology careers focus on "why."

Forensic psychology careers offer job opportunities such as determining the mental state/competency of a defendant, treating mentally ill criminal offenders, analyzing data to look for patterns of criminal activity and developing and evaluating programs for crime prevention.

Career Outlook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides detailed information about specific jobs including median annual pay, working conditions and job outlook, among other things.

According to the bureau, overall employment of psychologists is expected to grow 22 percent through 2020, with employment growth varying among specialties. Specialties such as forensic psychology careers will be affected by government budgets, crime rates and other outside factors, but those individuals with a doctoral degree will have the best advantage for job opportunities.

Career Options

Forensic psychology careers include such opportunities as:

Criminal Justice

  • Law Enforcement Agency - either to solve a crime or assist in crisis intervention
  • Juvenile Offender - providing diagnosis and treatment options
  • Court Liaison - working with criminal offenders
  • Crime Analyst
  • Police or Probation Officer


  • Evaluate the mental health of law enforcement officers to determine assignments
  • Work with sex offenders and the victims of assault
  • Evaluate and counsel victims of domestic violence
  • Counsel youth offenders
  • Advocate for Victims (e.g., domestic violence shelters, victim's rights groups)
  • Mediate consultation in family law matters


  • Crime Analyst - analyze crimes to help law enforcement offices identify patterns, trends
  • Study the social causes and effects of sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Determine how to improve interrogation methods
  • Detailed assessment of eyewitness testimony
  • Public policy research (e.g., helping to design prisons and other correctional facilities)
  • Developing better tests to determine mental capacity of individuals to stand trial

Entry Level Salary Expectations

Entry-level salaries for psychology careers are reported by to be $35,200 - with opportunity to grow to $60,200. is an online salary information company that provides accurate real-time information on job market compensation. This salary would of course vary depending on your specialty and the industry in which you work.

Graduate School

Students often wait to pursue forensic psychology careers and choose to attend graduate school in such areas as:

  • Crime Analyst
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Victim Advocate

Graduates also pursue forensic psychology careers as administrators with nonprofit organizations that coordinate efforts with legal/justice systems such as domestic violence shelters and victims' rights groups.