Cool Stuff: Golden Lessons for Fish

Florida Tech Psychology Goldfish Project

Goldfish dumb? No way, say Florida Tech psychology students who train them and treat them in Florida Tech's aquatic operant lab.

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Make School a Vacation

Florida Tech Study Abroad

Florida Tech offers many diverse opportunities to study abroad that are fun and educational. Some of the exciting international academic programs include destinations such as England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, and France!

Internships with Applied Behavior Analysis Training

Research and Internships Programs Provide Real-World Therapeutic Experiences

Beyond the classroom, behavior analysis training and psychology-related internships are available to fit any interest. You can garner hands-on experience while helping the local community at a variety of businesses and non-profit groups, including:

  • Children's Home Society
  • Circles of Care
  • Space Coast Early Intervention Center
  • The Family Learning Program
  • East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic

These behavior analysis training and psychology internship opportunities will help you gain first-hand experience in treatment options and the prognosis of various diagnoses. This valuable experience will not only prepare you for entrance into graduate school, but for your future career as well.

Research Opportunities

Many applied behavior analysis students take advantage of The Scott Center for Autism Treatment in gaining experience outside of their classrooms. Scott Center faculty members regularly seek out Florida Tech students to aid in the center's research, a perfect way to engage in behavior analysis training.

Student Organizations

Florida Tech is home to a chapter of the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. Psi Chi is an active student organization that participates in community service and other campus-wide events, such as providing members with the opportunity to shadow a graduate student in their research project.

Active Minds is a nation-wide organization that focuses on psychology and mental health, working to increase students' awareness of mental health issues. As members of Active Minds, students can take part in planning events and seminars that utilize the student voice to change perceptions of mental health on college campuses.