Make School a Vacation

Florida Tech Study Abroad

Florida Tech offers many diverse opportunities to study abroad that are fun and educational. Some of the exciting international academic programs include destinations such as England, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, and France!

Cool Stuff: Creating Folk Music

Florida Tech Music Program

Students in the FIT music program collaborated and performed with a composer from the Paris Conservatory. In preparation, they practiced singing in a variety of languages, utilizing musical improvisation techniques that are characteristic of folk styles all over the world.

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Humanities Internships

Get Real-World Experience in a Capstone Research Project

While in the humanities program, students have opportunities to study the world not only in the classroom but also through humanities internships on campus, in the local community and around the world. Literature, history, philosophy, fine art, social science and languages – these are the many areas that you can choose for humanities internships and research.

The Florida Tech Study Abroad Program makes it possible for students to conduct humanities internships in locations such as:

  • Oxford, England
  • Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy
  • Holland, The Netherlands
  • Taichung, Taiwan

In Oxford, students can study within the same 16th century college walls where literary greats such as Tolkien and C.S. Lewis learned their craft. Choosing Italy means students can travel the country and visit iconic sites like the Coliseum, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Venice. Strolling through picturesque Dutch towns, students can earn Florida Tech credits in The Netherlands. They can even study Chinese at Tunghai University in Taiwan.

Participate in Original Research in Senior Capstone Project

In addition to humanities internships, students culminate their studies with a capstone project in their senior year. This project provides an opportunity for original research on a topic of their choosing as they work alongside a tight-knit committee of faculty members. Faculty members guide each student through this two-semester process. This project highlights a student's job search portfolio or opens doors to more advanced academic degrees or law school. Projects have included such topics as:

  • The history of women in Florida's legal system
  • The portrayal of history in movies
  • The changing perception of the U.S. and Mexican border

Join Clubs to Enhance Your Degree

Other activities outside of research and humanities internships offer students a way to express their creative side. The student-run literary magazine called Kaleidoscope offers a chance to see their poetry and prose published. The Communicator is the humanities and communication department newsletter that regularly publishes student work.

The Florida Tech College Players allows students to take part in plays and musicals as actors, set designers, directors and more.

Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest, largest and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines. Humanities majors who qualify may join the Florida Tech chapter.

Whether the choice is humanities internships, research or clubs, students have many ways to network and develop opportunities for post-graduate employment.