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Florida Tech Meteorology Degree

Excel in the Study of Weather, and get your Meteorology Degree, at One of the Country's Best Meteorology Programs

Meteorology is the study of the Earth's atmosphere, a component of Earth system science; a meteorologist is someone who predicts the weather. Meteorology students become experts in math and physics, build a comprehensive knowledge of meteorology and gain in-depth exposure to fields like oceanography, geology, space science, environmental science, climate science and atmospheric chemistry.

Whether you want to become a broadcast meteorologist, storm tracker or world weather expert, a meteorology degree from Florida Tech develops a strong background in physics and chemistry with experience in environmental science and technology.

Gain Practical Experience

Small classes taught by professors whose teaching is informed by their cutting-edge research makes for a supportive, engaging learning environment. A unique and memorable component of each student's first-year experience in the meteorology degree program is the Whole Earth Course. This class, that integrates biology, chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics, leads students to experience and understand our planet as a system of interacting processes.

First-year meteorology degree students are also invited to work alongside faculty on weather research and often begin projects during their first few weeks on campus. Later as a senior, you'll refine your practical skills in technical electives and specialized labs, and complete an exciting research project in a topic of your choosing. As a result, you get practical experience, an enhanced job search portfolio and the perfect preparation for graduate and professional school, and employment.

Build Professional Relationships

Beyond the classroom, meteorology degree majors build leadership and professional experience through exciting internships and participation in academic organizations like the American Meteorological Society, Marine Technology Society, student government and over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.

Get Recruited Upon Graduation

Employers that have recruited Florida Tech students for internships and careers include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Environmental Protection Agency, Epcot, National Science Foundation and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Career options include such jobs as weather forecaster, climate scientist, geoscientist, or astronomer. Most professionals with a meteorology degree work in weather stations, laboratories, weather broadcasting companies and even fieldwork related to changing weather patterns.

Earn an Advanced Degree

After receiving their meteorology degree, many of our students go on to graduate school at universities such as Florida Tech, University of Alaska, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Virginia Tech and Cambridge University (UK).