Ask a Panther Pro: Hurricanes

Listen to Dr. Lazarus, a meteorology genius, share his knowledge and expertise about hurricanes!

Take a WHIRL at this!

Florida Tech WHIRL

Florida Tech's Wind and Hurricane Impact Research Laboratory (WHIRL) is dedicated to the study of the impacts on the natural environment and man-made structures caused by hurricanes, tornadoes and many other meteorological phenomenons!

Cool Stuff: It's Windy Out There!

Florida Tech Ocean Engineering and Sciences students worked on a cool summer project participating in research that measured wind acceleration along the Indian River Lagoon.

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Cool Stuff: Doppler on Wheels

doppler on wheels

The Florida Doppler on Wheels (DOW) experiment and Weather Study (F-DEWS) came to Florida Tech, and students to be trained on the DOW radar and spend 12 days participating in cool research.

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Research: Lightning is Hot!

Professor Ningyu Liu, of the Florida Tech Physics and Space Science department, caught a beautiful slo-mo lightning show from a recent storm. Recorded at 7000 frames per second. Playback is 700 frames. It went viral!

Meteorology Internships and Research Opportunities

Meteorology internships, from broadcast meteorology to meteorology research positions, lead to successful careers in weather studies

Students at Florida Tech are introduced to the tools used by professionals to access satellite data from around the world and taught how to view and interpret it. Florida Tech students looking for meteorology internships have access to the local National Weather Service site, the 45th Weather Squadron and the Kennedy Space Center for direct industry experience.

In addition, meteorology students can get a wealth of opportunity and meteorology internships with:

  • "Green screen" broadcast experience in a professional environment from a wide variety of stations in the Melbourne market.
  • Opportunities from The National Weather Service for students, alongside WFIT, our official Florida Tech radio station.

High-tech ocean engineering and sciences laboratories provide facilities and instrumentation for beach surveying, the measurement and analysis of water waves and more. A dedicated meteorology lab gives students access to a professional-caliber meteorological data stream.

Some companies providing meteorology internships are:

  • Dynamac
  • Boeing
  • Epcot Center
  • Disney World's The Living Seas
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University
  • Army Corp of Engineers

Student Field Projects

Our subtropical locale and proximity to the coast make Florida Tech the perfect place to study tropical storm development and offshore wave development. The capstone experience and hallmark of the Florida Tech meteorology program is the Student Field Project, a hands-on research experience to prepare students for meteorology internships and careers.

Some topics covered by past student projects are:

  • Thunderstorm development along sea breeze fronts
  • Effects of coastal buildings on wind behavior
  • Summer air pollution
  • Effects of offshore water circulation on the atmosphere

Students carry out their research on field trips to the National Weather Service, measuring marine meteorology on ships along the coast and monitoring air pollution with our campus- monitoring network.

Field Trips to the National Weather Service

The Florida Tech Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is a highly active and tight-knit student organization that regularly plans trips to the National Weather Service in Melbourne as well as the National Hurricane Center in Miami. These and other meteorology internships and research projects expand students learning outside of the classroom.