Bachelor of Science in Genomics & Molecular Genetics

The field of genomics is transforming the field of biology and making an impact in the fields of oncology, pharmacology and infectious disease. Together with molecular genetics, (a branch of genetics that studies the structure and activity of genetic material at the molecular level), scientists are discovering the DNA blueprints of organisms and how their construction, regulation and mutation contributes to human diseases.

Experts in the field of genomics and molecular genetics not only scrutinize the functioning and composition of a single gene, but also understand the interrelationships of genes in order to identify their combined influence on the growth and development of the organism. Students in the genomics and molecular genetics degree program at Florida Tech explore this scientific relationship, developing the knowledge to solve real-world problems like antibiotic-resistant bacteria and curing cancer.

Professors immediately immerse students in the field, with access to modern genetic, genomic, cellular and molecular approaches to the study of biology. The curriculum establishes a solid foundation in chemistry, biochemistry, physics and mathematics, along with robust research projects. 

The degree in genomics and molecular genetics program at Florida Tech concentrates on understanding the interactions between DNA, RNA, proteins in cells and molecular genetics in an interdisciplinary field that reveals how life functions at both the molecular and organismal level.

Gain Practical Experience Through Research

Led by faculty mentors committed to hands-on learning experiences, students in the genomics and molecular genetics degree program undertake exciting independent or collaborative (with a peer or professor) research. By working in research labs alongside faculty, graduate students and fellow undergraduates, students build valuable skills and a highly competitive résumé. The pinnacle of the genomics and molecular genetics major is the senior laboratory experience, during which students conduct an intensive study in genetic engineering and nucleic acid analysis.

Careers in Genomics & Molecular Genetics

Employers consistently recruit Florida Tech students for internships and employment. Graduates are well-prepared for entry-level positions as research scientists in a variety of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical development, forensic science, biotechnology, genetics, food science and bioengineering. cites genomics and genetics as second of the top five in-demand science jobs for 2017, with earnings potential to $140,000.

Earn an Advanced Molecular Biology Degree

After receiving a genomics and molecular genetics degree, many graduates enter a masters or doctoral program at Florida Tech or another prestigious university around the country.