Cool Stuff: Marketing Chevy

Florida Tech Marketing Project

The Chevy ruled at Panther Plaza when the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business marketing class team set out to fulfill a class assignment to promote Chevy vehicles in the Chevrolet Campus Promotions Program.

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Make a Difference

Florida Tech corporate social responsibility

Florida Tech business students are required to perform at least six hours of community service as part of their Major Field Practicum, allowing students to learn the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Check out some of the successful projects where students were able to apply to the classroom and make a difference in the community.

Marketing Internships

Projects and Hands-On Experience in Marketing Environments

Marketing internships at local businesses provide Florida Tech students many opportunities to test their skills in a real-world environment. By forging relationships with outside companies through marketing internships, students can take part in creating promotional campaigns for many well-known companies, including:

  • Honda
  • Cadillac
  • Chevy
  • The National Guard

Take Part in the Business Plan Resource Course or Business Practicum

Senior year marketing students take part in the Business Plan Research Course. This class gives students a chance to utilize the skills they've learned in marketing internships and course study to create a business plan for a real or hypothetical business opportunity.

The Major Field Practicum, a six-hour community service requirement, also allows marketing students to gather hands-on experience with local business while helping their community. A recent example of one of these projects is Paws on Panther Plaza, a campaign by a marketing class that promoted a local animal shelter and raised funds for the program.

Students also may be invited to independent study and research positions alongside faculty where they can learn and participate in the creation of marketing knowledge or in servicing a real client. Marketing internships and activities such as these extend class learning into valuable experience.

Join the Student Business Incubator

Students who showcase innovative business ideas may be asked to join the Student Business Incubator and turn those concepts into business realities. This program gives select student startup businesses office space, computers and other supplies to help the business get off the ground. Our students can use this equipment, along with skills obtained from business courses and marketing internships to prepare for entering the job market.

Campus-Based Research Opportunities

Campus-based research opportunities build skills for marketing internships and future management jobs; examples are:

  • Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business Development - The center focuses on entrepreneurial education, global innovation and practical research in pursuit of new venture creation, sustainability, social value creation and venture acceleration.
  • Center for Ethics and Leadership - The mission of the center is to promote the practice of ethical behavior and effective leadership by engaging in activities that provide a forum for research, discussion and better understanding of ethics and leadership amongst all stakeholders in society.

Make Contacts in a Club or Organization

The Entrepreneurs Club is a group of students who come together to share ideas and explore business opportunities. Guest speakers also share experiences and expertise to help members make smart business decisions after college.