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Competitions Developing Leaders

Florida Tech College of Business competition

Being a Florida Tech business student opens a variety of opportunities including competing in intercollegiate competitions in areas such as strategic management, international business, ethics and leadership, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Sports Management Internships

Put Skills to Work in Florida Tech Athletics Programs

Sports management careers span marketing, facility and stadium management, hospitality and tourism, youth and community recreation and intercollegiate athletics. Florida Tech students seeking sports management internships have a variety of opportunities on campus for first-hand experience.

Our Athletics Department provides sports management internships that include:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Events and Facilities Management
  • Public Relations
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Youth and Community Sport

This wide range of options for sports management internships allows students to choose a topic that appeals to their career interests.

Take Part in the Business Plan Resource Course or Business Practicum

In addition to sports management internships, students can gain experience in The Business Plan Research Course. This course challenges students to create a business plan for a start-up company or a new division of an existing company. The course is designed to explore entrepreneurship opportunities for all majors including those in the sports industry and focuses on creativity, communication and innovation.

Students also take part in a 150-hour practicum experience where they perform a "live business analysis" on a business of their choosing. This thorough analysis provides students an opportunity to better learn about the field of sports management.

Join the Student Business Incubator

Students with exceptional business plans may be invited to be a part of the Student Business Incubator, a unique program that allows students to take their startup ideas from concept to reality. Provided office space, computer, supplies and seed funding help nurture these student startup companies into potential growing businesses.

Make Contacts in a Club or Organization

The Entrepreneurs Club is a group of students from all disciplines who comes together to share ideas and explore business opportunities. Guest speakers frequently lecture to share their experiences and expertise in order to help members make better business decisions in the real world. Clubs are another way to find out about sports management internships and job opportunities.